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Abigail Carmichael is a member of Yardley Pack, a little known character who first appears as a shadowy figure with the rest of her pack during the intimidation of the Crescent Lake werewolves.



Abigail appears to be tall for a woman, perhaps 5'11', with a long, oval face, a lot of curly chestnut colored hair, and a slender build. She also appears to be older, perhaps in her mid-forties.

Werewolf Form[]

Her werewolf form is relatively short for a werewolf, looking to be less than seven feet tall. She has a mass of curly chestnut hair on her head, even as a werewolf.


Her demeanor appears to be laconic and even-tempered. She handles Tom's outburst with aplomb. She'd rather go back to Ohio and mend their relationship with their old pack, then stake their claim there, presumably to become a new pack.


She and the rest of the Yardley Pack came over from Ohio, helping Thomas in his effort to claim Crescent Lake. While in Ohio, Abigail and Julian have been dating since.[1] The Yardleys and the Carmichaels have been long intertwined with each other, thus their relationship.[2]

Abigail and the Yardley pack first appear when they ambush Elias, Vincent, and Ginger during their search for Kirtland's warblers' nests. Though she believes the pack was fine in Ohio, she is still loyal to Thomas's cause and is most often the one trying to make everything work well with the Werewolf Council, despite him reluctantly ignoring her advice.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a werewolf, Abigail has the usual capabilities of werewolves, with their enhanced senses, strength, accelerated healing, and resistance to injury.

Fighting Style[]

The Yardley Pack's fighting style is to act as one unit together, making it difficult to tell them apart from each other. As Tom trains each of his members himself, they all use similar fighting styles and are scrappy and ruthless when need be. [2]