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Araceli Vargas and her brother Marcelo are the alphas of the Vargas Pack.


Vargas Pack Headshot

Araceli and Marcelo

The Vargas Pack holds control of the East Detroit, while the Haynes Pack covers West Detroit. The oldest part of the tribe dates back to the 1700s, but the pack merged with the Vargas pack in 1965.[1] The tribe in reference would likely either be a French of Native pack that merged with the Vargases. The Vargas family are from Mexico originally and immigrated to the Detroit area in the 60s when the demographics in that area started to shift away from being majority white.[2]

Araceli seems to be very keen on taking Malaya's side, as she wants to break down the Ross Pack. She and Mavis Haynes hold a lot of power in the Detroit area and want to do anything that'll let them have that advantage.[3]

Araceli seems to be the treasurer of the Werewolf Council, as Irena asks her for the treasury report and an overview of the last month's fundraiser for the wolf sanctuary.[4]