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Aubrey is formerly one of wolves from the creepy house and the daughter of Connie Greensmith. After the events of Connie's death, she and the rest of her pack joined with the Walters Pack.



Aubrey is a twenty-four year old werewolf with a chubby figure. She has pale skin, blonde hair, and dark eyes.

Werewolf form[]

Aubrey can partially transform into a werewolf, growing blonde fur the same color as her hair along her hands and the sides of her head. She also grows claws, sharper teeth, werewolf ears, and gains glowing eyes. By Chapter 11, Aubrey successfully transformed into a full werewolf. Her werewolf form is strong and stout similar to how she is as a human, and is covered in fluffy curly fur.


Aubrey is headstrong and proud to be a werewolf. She loves her packmates dearly, and does what she can to protect them from danger. She has a tendency to rush into situations with too much confidence and not enough attention to the consequences. Since she has no werewolf mentors, Aubrey has figured out all she knows about being a werewolf largely by herself.

Aubrey tries to be intimidating, and has no qualms with violence, but sometimes is able to make up her lack of skill with an overabundance of enthusiasm.



Aubrey is the child of Connie Greensmith and Thomas Yardley. When Aubrey was a toddler, Connie started to steal magic from her, tethering their magic together, in order to keep the many wards on the house running. To gain more magical power, Connie began turning children into werewolves and kidnapping them, then raising those children alongside Aubrey as her packmates. Connie began manipulating and gaslighting Aubrey at a young age, continuing to do so as Aubrey grew up.

At some point, Aubrey visited Crescent Lake as a child.


Connie's Reign[]

Aubrey acted as the leader of Connie's pack, despite not having the greatest control over her fellow wolves. She was often the one to communicate with Connie as well, being the one to carry out her orders and reprimanded for her failures. As a last ditch effort to get Malaya to join Connie's wolves, Aubrey and the rest of her pack kidnapped Vincent. Aubrey and the others would eventually have to attempt to stop Elias from rescuing and saving Vincent, however, they were unable to keep up with Elias's strength and used too much magic to heal, rendering Connie unable to maintain the magical debt Connie carried. This led to Connie draining her wolves intensively and restricting their distance.

Before Malaya's trip to the mall, Malaya discovers Aubrey at the edge of the creepy house's property, unable to do much. Aubrey agrees to help Malaya find one of Connie's personal objects to allow Charlene to discover more of Connie's past. Prompted by Ginger's weakening condition, Aubrey and the rest of the wolves eventually try to run away, but are unable to due to Connie tethering all of their life forces to her. Though Ginger's tie was weaker and thus able to broken, Aubrey and the rest had to stay back at the creepy house. As the creepy house was swallowed in vines, Aubrey, Marcus, Harvey, and Tim would have to sleep outside, though would periodically receive food from Malaya and Charlene, as well as letters from Ginger.

By the time of May's full moon, Connie began to fully drain off the rest of her wolves' magic. Using the last of her strength, she was able to cut Marcus and Harvey away from the vines, though lacked the strength to reach Tim. However, due to the full moon, Marcus and Harvey recovered and became strengthened, finally freeing Aubrey and Tim. Upon discovering that Malaya found out that Connie's draining spell flowed both ways, Aubrey relayed the information to the rest of her pack, and eventually defeated Connie, causing her magical debt to accrue and swallowed by the earth.

Freedom from Connie[]

After the events of the full moon of May, Aubrey began rooming with Ginger at Marin and Marisa's guest bedroom. Much to Ginger's annoyance, Aubrey's grief over her mother took the form of intense moping, causing a slight rift between the two. The tension between the two eventually exploded during Malaya's team knitting bonding exercise, leading Aubrey to run off the woods and cool off. However, she ran into Tom and discovers that he is her father, though Tom enthralls her shortly after. The situation eventually erupts into a brawl between the Yardley pack and the Walters packs. In this fight, Aubrey learns to embrace her wolf side and confidence, allowing her to fully transform into a werewolf. After this incident, Aubrey becomes resolved to stop Tom and aid Malaya in protecting Crescent Lake.

Powers and Abilities[]

Aubrey is a werewolf, giving her a myriad of abilities. Among these include enhanced sense of smell and hearing, superhuman strength, accelerated healing, increased resistance to injury, and drawing power from the moon.

Fighting Style[]

Aubrey is a total bruiser and puts her weight behind her attacks. Because of her low center of gravity, she can take out opponents much larger than her. Now that her power is no longer held back by Connie, Aubrey loves being a werewolf and the access to the skills it brings.[1]


  • Aubrey is the "scapegoat" under Connie's narcissistic parenting. [2]
  • Aubrey and Malaya are foils to each other.[3] This even goes down to their designs, where Aubrey was meant to look as opposite as possible, "so heavier build, sort of punk/utilitarian style, short hair, blond and pale."[4]
    • This also extends to their relationships with their moms. Though they share similar themes like hair touching, the intentions of Connie and Maria's actions are completely different.[5]
  • Shawn has created a spotify playlist for How to be a Werewolf. Aubrey, Harvey, Marcus, Ginger, and Tim have their own section in the playlist.