Aubrey is one of Connie's Wolves, and Connie's daughter. She is the appointed Alpha of her pack(citation needed).

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Aubrey is a twenty-four year old werewolf with a chubby figure. She has pale skin, blonde hair, and dark eyes.

Aubrey can partially transform into a werewolf, growing blonde fur the same color as her hair along her hands and the sides of her head. She also grows claws, sharper teeth, werewolf ears, and gains glowing eyes.

Personality Edit

Aubrey is headstrong and proud to be a werewolf. She loves her packmates dearly, and does what she can to protect them from danger. She has a tendency to rush into situations with too much confidence and not enough attention to the consequences. Since she has no werewolf mentors, Aubrey has figured out all she knows about being a werewolf largely by herself.

Aubrey tries to be intimidating, and has no qualms with violence, but sometimes is able to make up her lack of skill with an overabundance of enthusiasm.

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Aubrey is the child of Connie Greensmith and Thomas. When Aubrey was a toddler, Connie started to steal magic from her, tethering their magic together. To gain more magical power, Connie began turning children into werewolves and kidnapping them, then raising those children alongside Aubrey as her packmates.

Connie began manipulating and gaslighting Aubrey at a young age, continuing to do so as Aubrey grew up.

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