How to be a Werewolf Wiki

Page 1[]

Malaya: Here's your change. Have a nice day!
Malaya: Hi, how can I help...
Malaya: Oh.
The Rude Guy: Miss, I told you exactly how I wanted my drink and this is totally wrong, as usual...
Malaya: I'm really sorry to hear that.
The Rude Guy: I told you... Two regular shots... One decaf shot.... Easy on the milk... (You always add too much milk) Four pumps mocha... Less than an inch of foam, please...
Malaya: Yep, I'm just gonna... go make your drink now, then.
Charlene: Wow, that guy has a bad attitude.
Malaya: He's been pulling this for three years now. I'm used to it.

Page 2[]

Malaya: I just remake the drink the same way, and he's okay with it the second time.
Malaya: I know his whole order by heart, but he's just really hard to please.
Charlene: I'd tell him to go to hell, personally, but it's your shop...
Malaya: Here's your drink sir, just as you asked.
The Rude Guy: It'll have to do, I guess.

Page 3[]

Malaya: Next!
Elias: Oh, hi...
Elias: I'd like...
Elias: Hm...
Malaya: Uh...
Malaya: Um, sir?...
Malaya: I'm officially really weirded out now...

Page 4[]

Elias: Um... What... ...Are they baking back there?
Malaya: Um...
Malaya: Scones, probably?
Elias: Oh.
Elias: Neat!
Elias: I will have a medium caramel latte, please.

Page 5[]

Malaya: That'll be $3.69 with tax. Name?
Elias: Oh, um... Elias.
Elias: "Eli" is fine.
Malaya: Order up!
Malaya: I have a medium caramel latte for Eli!
Elias: Thanks again!
Charlene: The full moon is bringing out the weirdos early, apparently.
Malaya: Maybe he just really fucking loves scones.

Page 6[]

Maria: Malaya! We're leaving!
Malaya: I'm coming!
Maria: Your brother is out tonight working on a group project.
Maria: Are you sure you're okay to stay home alone tonight?
Malaya: Yeah mami, I'll manage.
Maria: I just hate to leave you alone on a full moon.
Elliot: This event at the university runs kind of late, but we should be home by 11.
Elliot: I've got the cafe covered all day tomorrow, so you just take it easy.
Malaya: Thanks, Dad.

Page 7[]

Malaya: I hope you win your award, Mami!
Maria: I'm the only evolutionary biologist they have right now, so hopefully they don't have a choice!
Elliot: Stay safe! Call us if you need anything and we'll come right back! Or call your brother!
Malaya: I will!

Page 8[]

Elias: There's no way to make this encounter less weird after this afternoon...
Elias: But I can't leave town without warning her.
Elias: Hopefully she won't tear my face right off my face.
Elias: Hello? Sorry for being a total creeper at the coffee shop, but I need to talk to you!
Malaya: Go Away!
Malaya: I don't know how you found me, but you need to Leave!

Page 9[]

Elias: I know, I'm really sorry.
Elias: I'm totally leaving.
Elias: I just came by to let you know that there's some weird stuff going on in this town...
Elias: ... and I just wanted to warn you
Elias: I'm worried you'll be in danger. Your camouflage is amazing...
Elias: ...but I was still able to track you here, and I'm worried they will too.
Malaya: Camouflage? Danger?
Malaya: What are you even talking about?
Malaya: Why would I be in danger?
Elias: Um, there have been a few people killed in the area
Elias: I think there's a pack on the move trying and failing to turn new wolves, so I've been investigating.
Malaya: Wolves?
Elias: Wow, we are really not on the same page here.

Page 10[]

Elias: You and I have something really big in common...
Malaya: I'm gonna call the cops if you don't...
Elias: I'm guessing you're having a night in because you've got hair in places where there was no hair before...

Page 11[]

Malaya: There's a full moon, but you looked human before!
Elias: It takes more effort to keep the muttonchops at bay, but I've spent my whole life learning to control when I change.

Page 12[]

Elias: Are you sayingthis half-wolf look isn't voluntary? Not just your way of unwinding on a full moon?
Malaya: This is what's happened every full moon since I was a kid...
Elias: But there's no record of a pack even living in this area. That's why I was so surprised to realize you were a werewolf at the coffee shop.
Elias: How are you... You can't be on your own?
Malaya: I'm not on my own! I have a family.
Elias: And they're human?
Malaya: Yeah, so?
Elias: If you've really never had another werewolf show you the ropes... I really wouldn't mind helping you while I'm in town.
Malaya: Sigh. I still don't trust you...
Malaya: ...and the "following me home after smelling me" thing is not okay.
Malaya: But seeing as you're the only other werewolf I've ever met...
Malaya: I guess I do need your help.
Malaya: Come by the shop tomorrow at noon. I'm off, we can talk then.
Elias: I'll get out of your hair! And your extra hair!
Malaya: That's the worst thing ever and you're not funny!

Page 13[]

Malaya: Oh good, you jumped at the opportunity to continue talking to the strange sniffing guy... Just because you've never met another werewolf.
Malaya: Normal people don't follow your scent to your house...
Malaya: Screw it.
Malaya: I'll deal with the world tomorrow.