How to be a Werewolf Wiki

Page 33[]

The Rude Guy: You need to make this again.
The Rude Guy: And make it right this time.
The Rude Guy: I've never had such a lousy drink.
The Rude Guy: You obviously have no idea what you're doing.
Malaya: I'll get right on that.

Page 34[]

Malaya: Order up!
Charlene: I'm saying this because we're the only ones here right now, but some of these people really need to calm the fuck down. Or stick to decaf forever, maybe.
Malaya: I'd like to say it doesn't faze me, because most customers are really nice... but it's really hard not to reach across the counter and throw that guy through a window.

Page 35[]

Charlene: How long have you been working here?
Malaya: Um, awhile? I've always helped out around the cafe when I turned twenty, he made me part owner as a birthday present.
Charlene: Any other big plans on the horizon, or are you gonna be slinging lattes til you retire?
Malaya: I don't know. I guess I've never thought that far.
Malaya: What about you? You've only been here a few months, and you moved to michigan in the middle of winter.
Charlene: Oh, I guess I wanted to see what was so bad about winter for myself. I've decided it's awful, so that solved that mystery.
Charlene: My family is from New Orleans. Daddy is a jazz musician, Momma is a teacher.
Malaya: New Orleans sounds more interesting than Michigan in the middle of winter.
Charlene: Oh it is. But there's lots to do here, too. I'm not bored.
Elias: It sounds like a dance club in here.

Page 36[]

Malaya: I'm going to take a break, I gotta talk to hiim for a bit.
Charlene: We're actually talking to weird sniffing guy now? I mean, he's cute and all...
Malaya: Nah, it's not like that at all. And he's gay. I think the nsiffing thing is really just a bizarre love of scones.
Charlene: Well, bless his heart. Have a good chat.
Elias: Oh, thanks!
Malaya: I'm on break for a bit, so we can talk.
Elias: Well, I discussed your situation with my packmate, Marin...
Elias: And we have established that so far, after being a werewolf for 20 years, you know jack shit.
Malaya: Oh wow, thanks, Mr. Miyagi.

Page 37[]

Elias: And with weirdos in town potentially on the prowl for new pack members... You not knowing stuff could really put your family in danger.
Elias: Werewolf pack structure, moon cycles, strengths and vulnerabilities, transforming... Mythology, hand-to-hand combat, inter and intra pack relations, witches...
Malaya: Witches? Hand-to-hand combat? Seriously? I just want to know how to not be hairy and pissed off one night every month.
Malaya: And I don't want to accidentally murder that guy with the stupid order.
Elias: Well, this is "how to be a werewolf 101," not "how to pretend I'm totally human forever 101." You're part of a very exclusive group of people who get super hairy occasionally, and with practice, at will.
Elias: You don't learn to control the transformation, you give in to the transformation. You get in touch with the wolf part of yourself and it all just... flows. There's no thought to it.

Chapter 38[]

Malaya: Why are yoouo williing to help me? What do you get out of this?
Elias: I don't know... I mean...
Elias: I was born this way. I don't know what it's like to only have humans to talk to. I don't know what it's like to feel like being a werewolf is a burden because to me, it's all I've ever been. I really love changing into a hairy wolf man.
Elias: But for yooou, being a werewolf is this scary thing that's kind of keeping your family hostage... and if I can help you with that, I want to try.
Elias: Plus, if my mother finds oout that I left you alone against scary murdering weres... She'd probably chop my head off and then come teach you herself.
Malaya: Your mom sounds nice.
Elias: She is. She's also terrifying. Her and dad are the alphas of our pack.
Malaya: Alphas? What's that all about?

Chapter 39[]

Elias: So, werewolf packs are arranged like regular wild wolf packs. They're usually headed by a mated pair, and the rest of the pack is made up of their kids.
Elias: Our pack also takes in outsiders, so werewolves without packs who blend well with everyone else, or people we turn because they petition my mother for the bite.
Malaya: I thought wolf packs were all about fighting for dominance, though.
Elias: Well, yeah if you're basing your knowledge on outdated research on captive wolves from the 70's. But in the wild, it's not like that.
Elias: Like Marin, she lives here on the outskirts of your town. She's only been a werewolf a few years, but she's older than me.
Elias: Does she outrank me? Or do I outrank her? Does it matter?
Elias: She's stronger than me, I'm faster than her.
Elias: A stable pack will work to everyone's strengths.

Page 40[]

Malaya: Then you do you get to be an alpha?
Elias: Well, you tell your alpha or alphas that you'd like to go form your own pack, and you do.
Elias: Either shack up with someone else and have some kids, or find some people who want to follow you. There' sno fights to the death or anything. We're not evil.
Elias: ...Usually.
Elias: Okay, so... you still don't look all that convinced yet.
Malaya: It's just... I've been keeping my hairy side at bay for 20 years.
Malaya: It's this thing that sits in my chest... Like a low-grade panic attack I live with every day. I guess I was hoping for an option that wasn't just "knowledge is power."

Page 41[]

Elias: Yeah, I know. I'm sorry, but that's the answer I've got.
Elias: At the end of the day, you're a werewolf. You always will be a werewolf, as far as I know.
Elias: You have an opportunity to be faster, stronger, more powerful than you could ever imagine. That may not be something you really care about, but pretending it's not who you are isn't going to solve anythiing either. And right now, it could put your whole family in danger.
Malaya: I've got to get back to helping Charlene, but I'll think about it.
Elias: That's all I ask.

Page 42[]

Malaya: I'll see you tomorrow, Charlene!
Charlene: You sure you're good to close up?
Malaya: Yeah, just the garbage left. Have a good night.
Aubrey:How have you managed to hide all this time?

Page 43[]

Malaya: What are yoou talking about?
Aubrey: You know.
Aubrey: You, here the whole time...
Aubrey: Making me look bad.
Malaya: Shit!

Page 44[]

Malaya: Shiiiit!
Malaya: Shiiiiit!
Malaya: Shit!

Page 45[]

Malaya: Oof!
Malaya: Um, sorry?
Malaya: Again! Really?
Malaya: Waaah!

Page 45[]

Malaya: Okay, I totally didn't mean to...
Malaya: that.
Malaya: My... My teeth... What... It hurts... What's happening?!

Page 46[]

Aubrey: Um, are you dying? You look like you're dying.
Malaya: Come, on... autocorrect...
Aubrey: Okay, that... looks painful.

Page 47[]

Aubrey: Hey, I'm really sorry about the whole...
Aubrey: ... um, "growling in your face" thing.
Malaya: eee... liii... aas...

Page 48[]

Vincent: Normally, Mal calls by now to be picked up...
Vincent: ...but she's not answering her phone.
Elliot: Maybe she got a weird late-night rush?
Vincent: Yeah, maybe... I think I'll go see if she needs any help.

Page 49[]

Elias: Malaya?
Marisa: Damn it, Eli! This is what happens when you're nice to strange wolves!

Page 50[]

Elias: She's not in control right now! If she can't keep from changing on the full moon, how would she be able to control this?!
Marin: Guys, I don't care what her deal is... She's staring us down like she's looking for a fight... and she's already scratched my hardwood floors.

Page 51[]

Vincent: Mal?! Malaaaa-yaaaa! Nasaan ka na?
Elias: Hello?
Vincent: Elias, where's my sister?

Page 52[]

Elias: Heeey, Vincent... Funny you should ask. She's with me at my friends Marin and Marisa's house.
Elias: I'll text you the address. Also, she is currently about 8 feet tall... very hairy, and holding me up near the ceiling.
Vincent: I'm on my way!
Marisa: Should we try to take her down? Between you and me, we can probably take her!
Marin: We'll tear up the whole house!
Marisa: I just don't get it! I warded the house this morning! It should be undetectable to stray werewolves.
Marisa: So I have no idea how you led her here, Eli!
Elias: Yeah, I don't know it should be pack only, right? Maybe we can worry about it after my feet touch the ground again.

Page 53[]

Marisa: Why do you even trust her? She can't control her transformations... She can find you in a warded house... and we had no idea that she's apparently lived here for years!
Marisa: How do you know she didn't kill those people you're investigating? If she can't control her shift... she could have mauled them without realizing.
Elias: She's not doing anything now, is she? She's freaked out, but she's not trying to hurt me. I know Malaya didn't kill those people, okay?
Elias: Oh, hey... Thanks, Mal.
Marisa: Okay, that's really depressing. I guess I believe your theory that the baby werewolf is harmless.
Marin: She's been a werewolf over twice as long as I have, So I'm not sure she counts as a baby at this point.

Page 54[]

Vincent: Malaya! Hey!
Vincent: Okay, wow.
Vincent: Hey it's okay. You didn't hurt anyone
Malaya: I couldn't control myself. It hurt, like every bone in my body was breaking at once. I don't want to be that thing again. I felt like I was trapped in a body I didn't recognize.

Page 55[]

Elias: Wow, you changed back a lot faster than I thought you would.
Malaya: Once vince got here, it felt like the wolf just gave up.
Elias: Well, that makes sense. Your family is your pack and that grounds you. Since you've been protecting them from your werewolf thing since you were a kid. You trained that part of yourself to bottle up around your family.
Malaya: Huh.
Vincent: Mal, what happened? How did you end up transforming like this?
Malaya: I just remember the werewolf in the alley attacking me... and I changed without even realizing it. I... I think I threw her into a wall? She ran away and I couldn't stop transforming.
Malaya: Then I recognized Elias' scent so I followed him here.
Elias: How'd you manage to throw her into a wall?
Marin: Another werewolf?

Page 56[]

Marisa: There's no werewolves on the books that live in this area except for Marin... And how'd you end up camouflaged?
Marisa: There's some real advanced magic on you for a werewolf who's never fully shifted before.
Malaya: Camouflage? Elias mentioned that too, but I don't know what that means.
Marin: There's something bigger going on in this town than we realize. That other werewolf must have the same spell on her as you do...
Marin: Which means we don't know how many wolves are in this town that have flown under the radar for years.
Vincent: Then why would she only find and threaten my sister now? She's been a werewolf for twenty years.
Elias: Um, that was probably my fault. If she noticed me when I came into town she must have been following me while I was following you.
Malaya: She followed you?! That's why I was attacked? Now she knows where I live and where I work, and probably that my whole family are human and defenseless.
Malaya: I just want things to go back to the way they were before. I might not have been happy, but at least no one bothered me. At least my family wasn't in danger.
Malaya: I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up anyway.

Page 57[]

Vincent: Um, you're not wearing shoes.
Vincent: She really does need your help, even if she's freaked out right now.
Vincent: Have a good night! Sorry about the door.
Marisa: It'll only take a few minutes to fix!
Vincent: Um, okay?
Marin: Well... I have more questions than answers right now.
Marisa: Agreed.
Marisa: All this stuff is a problem for another day. Time for bed!

Page 58[]

Connie: Comein.
Connie: Oh, hello Aubrey, dear.
Connie: I see you didn't bring the girl back with you.
Aubrey: Um, no Mama. She was a lot stronger than I am.

Page 59[]

Connie: Did she hurt you? Did she knock you out?
Aubrey: Um, no. She threw me into a wall, and I, um... I ran away.
Connie: You ran away.
Aubrey: I know, I'm sorry!
Connie: Aubrey, dear... You let a werewolf live in our territory for twenty years, until another werewolf sniffs her out for you, and I told you I forgave you for that...
Connie: But now, you just run away from her when I asked you specifially to bring her to me..
Aubrey: I know, I know, I'm sorry!

Page 60[]

Aubrey: She changed! She turned into this huge beast, a big wolf on two legs!
Aubrey: I knew I couldn't take her, so... I ran.
Connie: If she's able to transform that far, then we absolutely need her, Aubrey.
Connie: She's strong, and we need her. No excuses.
Aubrey: I don't... I don't know how to do that?
Connie: Are you asking me? I am not a werewolf, dear.
Connie: I can't help you, you have to help yourself! We need her as part of this pack... You're going to have to figure it out.
Connie: Aubrey. My sweet girl. My first wolf.
Connie: You do want to protect me, don't you Aubrey.
Aubrey: Yes, I do, but...

Page 61[]

Connie: I love my wolves, but even though I've told you over and over that we need a bigger pack, my wolves keep failing me.
Connie: It hurts me that you don't try harder.
Aubrey: I'll try harder, mama.
Connie: You know, if I die before they get here, I can't keep you all safe. THat girl belongs in this pack and it's very important that you get her here.
Connie: We're not strong enough without her.
Aubrey: Yes, Mama.
Connie: That's my girl.
Connie: I have work to do, dear. Please close the door on your way out.
Aubrey: Yes, Mama.