How to be a Werewolf Wiki

Page 63[]

Malaya: Fuuuuuck!

Page 64[]

Elias: Hmmm.
Vincent: What're you doing here?
Elias: Hm?
Elias: Oh, it's you.
Elias: Um, I am... reverse stalking you. By coincidentally already being places where I didn't know you'd also be.
Vincent: That's not a thing.
Elias: It's a thing. See, it worked great, and I didn't even have to do anything.

Page 65[]

Vincent: ...
Vincent: You're weird. Why are you really at my school library?
Elias: I'm here trying to figure out how a werewolf could have gone undetected for so long in this town, and if anyone can help me deal with it.
Elias: I'm chatting online with a few pack leaders who border this area... and trawling local news websites for anything weird that might point me in any direction. At all.
Vincent: Okay, so... Having any luck?
Elias: No, not really.
Vincent: Okay..
Vincent: Well, I just... ...wanted to say thank you, for not hurting my sister. We can pay for the door...
Elias: Nah, Marisa already fixed it.
Elias: And I'd never hurt Mal. I've been around enough fresh werewolves to know that freaking out doesn't help much.

Page 66[]

Vincent: I still don't know if I trust whatever your motives are for helping my sister
Elias: *sigh* Your sister asked me the same thing.
Elias: Look, you guys are in a shitty situation, and I'm in a unique position to help and I'm gonna try my best. If Mal can get over her fear of hurting your family and figure out how to really embrace the whole werewolf thing, her whole life could change for the better.
Elias: Plus, if I leave now, my mother will hunt me for sport.
Vincent: Do you really think it's just that Malaya doesn't want to hurt us?
Elias: I think that's probably where it started
Elias: But at this point, maybe she's just afraid of being a werewolf period.
Elias: Oh, and I know your family is probably worried about the other werewolves that might be in town. Marin and I have been trading off keeping an eye out for your house and the cafe.
Vincent: Huh. Um, thanks.
Vincent: I guess I'll let you get back to researching.

Page 67[]

Joy: So... Who's that guy?
Vincent: A friend of my sister's.
Joy: Oh, the elusive sister we never get to meet.
Vincent: She kinda runs with a different pack. She's not around much.
Elias (text): Different pack?
Elias (text): That pun was bad and you should feel bad
Vincent (text): You can hear that?
Vincent (text): How did you get my number?
Elias (text): Werewolf!
Elias (text): I stole it off your sister's phone when she wasn't looking
Elias (text): Seemed useful
Vincent (text): OKay well let me know if you need me to be useful.
Elias (text): :)

Page 68[]

Maria: What's wrong, my sweet girl?
Malaya: I'll be okay, Mami.
Maria: You've been lying around for days, Malaya. I know you aren't okay.
Malaya: It keeps happening. Every time I think about getting attacked in the alley... Turning into that giant monster... My claws come out and I can't stop it.
Maria: I know you're scared. I know you're scared for us, and scared of this new thing you can do...
Malaya: I just keep thinking, if she comes back and tries to hurt you guys, that I'll be too afraid to protect you. I feel so paralyzed and useless.

Page 69[]

Maria: You'll never be useless, Malaya.
Maria: When I was your age, I traveled from my home in the Philiippines to come study in the US.
Maria: I left behind all my family, all my friends.
Maria: Everything was so different...
Maria: And every time I left the dorms, I felt like I was always anxious and overwhelmed.

Page 70[]

Maria: This coffee is really strong!
Elliot: Oh, I'm sorry! II can pour you another variety?
Maria: No, it's perfect! It's just like the coffee back home.
Elliot: Oh, good! I roast all the beans myself. I'm glad you like it.
Maria: Looks like you're doing really well for yourself.
Elliot: I've worked around the clock for years to keep this cafe afloat. I'm only 27, but it's been my dream since I was in high school to be able to do this.
Maria: Well, if you keep making coffee like this, you'll have a hard time getting rid of me.
Elliot: In that case, I will never stop making it.
Maria: It's good to meet you. My name is Maria Dysangco.
Elliot: Oh, yeah! it's good to meet you, too. I'm Elliot Walters.

Page 71[]

Maria: Eventually, I got used to my new home.
Maria: So many good things have happened to me since I got here... And I wouldn't trade them just to go back and not do that scary thing in the first place.
Maria: This new werewolf thing... it's only scary because it's a new thing. You only have to be brave until it becomes an old thing.
Maria: And I know you... You're so brave and I know you'll be okay.
Malaya: I don't feel very brave. I mostly feel tired and shakey..
Maria: I know you're worried, but I think maybe... Maybe you need to set aside trying to be a normal person, Malaya.
Maria: Maybe instead of trying to be a normaly human, you need to go find that nice werewolf boy and make him tell you everything he knows, so you can get really good at being a normal werewolf.
Malaya: Yeah, maybe. I just... need a little time to process.
Maria: Okay, honey. Just don't take too long, okay?

Page 72[]

Marin: Marisa, dear, come to bed.
Marisa: I'm almost done, I'll be up in a minute.
Marin: Nooo. Werewolves need their sleep, humans need their sleep.
Marin: Lawyers and their adorable R.N.=slash=Witch girlfriends need their sleep.
Marisa: Yes, but this human-slash-hurse-slash-witch has a four day work week that ended yesterday, and a lot of witch stuff to catch up on.
Marisa: You, on the other hand, have a case to present in the morning.
Marisa: I can afford to stay up!
Marin: Boo hiss.
Marin: What are you working on, anyway?

Page 73[]

Marisa: I'm trying to track down the spell that's on Eli's friend. So far, I've come to some conclusions, but I don't have a real answer yet.
Marin: Where are you at so far?
Marisa: Well, whoever cast the spell cast it once, over the whole town... ...and way before you got here because you're not affected but Malaya is.
Marisa: They're way powerful, this isn't the little fix-it spells I can do. This is some top -tier custom shit. The spell caster is probably old and experienced.
Marisa: This spell has a living power source and it's something big. When I do a spell I take energy straight from the earth, but just a little at a time.
Marisa: The spell on Malaya and the other wolf is a huge drain. It's too powerful to be maintained this long without feeding off of something.

Page 74[]

Marisa: There haven't been any massive forest die offs or whatever, so the power source must be powerful in it's own right.
Marin: What could be a big enough power source for a spell like that? And why would anyone need to hide a bunch of werewolves, anyway?
Marin: This area is technically the territory of Malaya and her family, but there's never been a formal claim. No one would challenge their right to be here. There's no reason to hide.
Marisa: That's where I keep hitting a wall. I don't know why or who.
Marisa: If I cast a tracking spell, maybe Eli can come with me to hunt down traces of the spell around town.
Marin: Sounds like a good idea to me. Why don't you come to bed as a reward for working so hard?
Marisa: Uh...
Marisa: Yeah, I guess I might deserve a reward...

Page 76[]

Elliot: You sure you're okay to open today, hooney? If you need more time, I really don't mind.
Malaya: No, papa, I'll be fine. My control has gotten a bit better in the last week. I'll be okay.
Elliot: Full moon is in a couple days, though.
Malaya: The full moon for March is really far from earth. I'm not feeling it as bad as usual.
Elliot: Okay, well, if you change your mind, I can take over today. I'm gonna let you warm up the car while I get dressed to drive you to work.
Malaya: Will do. Thank you, Papa.
Malaya: What the hell?
Marisa: Yeah, I guess I might deserve a reward...

Page 77[]

Malaya: Papaaaaa, there's a mutilated deer on the front steps!
Elliot: Wait, really?!
Elliot: What the hell?
Malaya: Oh my god, I do not need this today.
Malaya: Every werewolf everywhere can just go straight to hell. This shit is getting ridiculous. I just want to make coffee for angry people and then go home and go to sleep.

Page 78[]

Malaya: Okay, I think we're deep enough, soooo I'm gonna leave you here.
Malaya: Wow, this feels awkward. And gross.
Malaya: Um, okay, so... I'm really sorry your deer life was cut short, and I hope it was good up til now...
Malaya: And I'm sorry I'm leaving you alone here in the forest but it seems like the best place for you to, um... decompose or whatever.
Malaya: Okay, cool. Have a good afterlife!
Aubrey: You didn't like our offering?

Page 79[]

Malaya: What?!
Aubrey: Hello.

Page 80[]

Malaya: It's you again... You brought the deer...
Aubrey: Of course, we brought the deer. And it's rude to refuse our offer.
Malaya: I don't know what your offer even is! You left me a dead deer, not a phone number. Who does that? Who just gives someone a dead deer?
Aubrey: It's an offer to join our pack! This is standard operating procedure, don't you know anything?!
Malaya: No! How the hell am I supposed to know that?!
Malaya: And I don't wanna join your pack! I don't even know you!
Aubrey: Well, you don't really have a choice, because we're taking you with us! You gonna turn into that big wolf thing again, because I doubt you can take all of us!
Malaya: Maybe I can't take all of you, but I can freaking try!

Page 81[]

Malaya: Charlene?!
Charlene: You seem to think that you can force my friend here to join your pack.
Charlene: I don't think you wanna do that.

Page 82[]

Aubrey: Who the hell are you?! This is werewolf business... You shouldn't interfere!
Harvey: Stuff it Aubrey! You're going to make things worse!
Charlene: I shouldn't interfere?
Charlene: But you're interfering with us.
Charlene: In fact, that's all you've done so far. You're insulting my friend by inviting her to join your pack in such a lazy way.
Charlene: You brought her a small, useless, old deer as an offering. You didn't send a formal proposal beforehand.
Charlene: You haven't talked to any of the neighboring packs about expanding.
Charlene: You're clearly not the alpha, so acquiring new pack members isn't your business to begin with. It's like you have no idea what you're doing, Miss Werewolf.

Page 83[]

Aubrey: My name is Aubrey, thanks. And your creepy friends in the woods don't scare me!
Aubrey: She's going to join our pack, whether she likes it or not!
Harvey: Aubrey! Shut. Up.
Harvey: I don't care what connie says, this lady isn't htat important if we didn't need her until now.
Ginger: This is more than I care to deal with... we're leaving you, dear. Have fun!
Marcus: See ya back at the house! Aubrey: DOn't think this is over! You're not going to have a choice!

Page 84[]

Malaya: Whaaaat's going on?
Charlene: So... I'm kind of a witch.
Malaya: ...
Malaya: Ok. That's actually a thing?
Malaya: Soooo you... showed up to help me fight them?
Charlene: No, girl, I just bluffed my ass off to keep you from getting all clawed up by five werewovles at once.
Malaya: Bluffing?! But... the creepy eyes...

Page 85[]

Charlene: An illusion. Just some black blobs with glowing eyes.
Charlene: Mama taught me the less detailed they are, the more effective...
Malaya: All that stuff you said about offerings and proposals?
Charlene: Werewolf 101. That's like the extent of my knowledge. You are looking at a really confident one trick pony, Mal.
Charlene: My specialties are illusions, talking to my friend Alphonsus, here... and seeing bits and pieces of the future.
Malaya: But what... I mean... Why are you here?
Charlene: Alphonsus and I have been keeping tabs on your town. I saw all this mess coming from a mile away.

Page 86[]

Charlene: You can barely control your transformation, and you're gonna take on fire strange wolves in the middle of the woods alone?
Malaya: I don't know what came over me.
Malaya: Knowing she brought all of this to my front door, all the anger over being threatened, the full moon's a few days away...
Malaya: I thought I had this under control again, and now I'mr ight back to where I was a week ago.
Charlene: That sucks, Mal.
Malaya: How'd you know I was a werewolf?
Charlene: I had a premonition and you were pretty hairy in it. I knew I needed to find you. Not sure why yet though.
Malaya: I'm not that important, I don't understand why you'd need to find me.
Charlene: I don't know. Maybe you're not that important, but you're obviously more important than you think you are.

Page 87[]

Charlene: Listen, I need you to understand this...
Charlene: When I say something weird is moving in on this town, don't take that lightly. There's a reason that pasty werewolf needs you sooner than later, and you gotta get your skills in order before you put your family in danger.
Malaya: I didn't ask for this. I just want to be left alone.
Charlene: Yeah, that sounds nice, but it's not an option, Mal.
Malaya: I know you're right. I don't know how to get stronger, though.
Charlene: You do. You ask for help. That weird tall kid who keeps coming by the cafe? He knows what he's doing, or at least he's got the basics down pat.
Malaya: You're right... I know Elias could help me.
Malaya: It's scary. This is all really terrifying.
Charlene: Hell yeah it is. But you were just about to take on five werewolves, by yourself, and actually knowing what you're doing is scary.
Malaya: Well, when you put it that way...
Charlene: Look at the bright side: Your dad already left to open the shop, so at least you have some time to see if this extra hair wears off before going to work.
Malaya: Most of the customers barely look at me in the eye as it is. You think they'd really notice?
Charlene: Probably not, but operating the cash register with those big ol' claws might be kind of a trick.