How to be a Werewolf Wiki

Page 89[]

Marisa: No, it's too early!
Marin: Hey, you get to go back to sleep. I have to get to work early and finish the paperwork I couldn't get done because the full moon made me nauseous.
Marisa: noooo...
Marin: You just want me to stay and be your heater.
Marisa: Well yeah, no it's cold.
Marin: What are you going to do on your day off?
Marisa: Eli and I are gonna track that weird spell that's on his friend. Figure that'll lead us to whoever's making waves around here.
Marin: Love you. Go back to sleep, I'll see you tonight.
Marisa: Mmm...
Marisa: Mmm... Nnnoooooo...
Marin: That's the spirit!

Page 90[]

The Rude Guy:There's not enough foam! There's not enough foam and you know it!
Malaya: Okay!
Malaya: Ugh, waste of a perfectly fine weird-ass drink.

Page 91[]

Charlene: Oh, back again?
Malaya: Yep.
Charlene: Greaaat.
Malaya: Welcome to Red Moon!
The Rude Guy: Better.
Malaya: Oh hey, it's you!

Page 92[]

Marin: Yes! My name's Marin Grundy, I don't think we were really introduced the last time.
Malaya: I was a giant Hairy beast at the time, so yeah.
Charlene: Aaand you're gonna tell me that story later, Mal.
Malaya: What can I get for you?
Marin: Oh, medium vanilla latte, please.
Malaya: Cool, just a sec.
Marin: Since you live in town like me, we should get to know each other better sometime. Maybe go shopping.
Malaya: Oh, uh... I don't get out much because of the whole... thing. My mom has always bought clothes for me.
Marin: Hmm, well we should fix that some time.
Malaya: Um, maybe?
Marin: Dear, you should text Elias. He's going out with Marisa today and I think they could use your help.
Malaya: Um, what for?
Marin: They're tracking the spell that's keeping you and the other werewolves in town hidden. If they follow the trail we can figure out where those other werewolves live.

Page 93[]

Charlene: Seems like a good plan to me! You should go.
Malaya: You think so?
Malaya: Yeah, I guess I'll think about it.
Marin: You should! I think it would really help them having you there, and you would learn a lot.
Marin: Wow! This is really good!
Malaya: Oh, thank you! I'm glad you like it!
Marin: How much do I owe you?
Malaya: Oh, it's on the house this time.
Marin: Really?
Malaya: Yep!

Page 94[]

Marin: Well, I appreciate! I hope I'll see you around Malaya!
Malaya: Yeah, you too!
Malaya: Oh, thanks!
Malaya: This is too much, Marin!
Marin: No it's not! Have a good day, dear! Text Elias!
Malaya: Huh. Cool.

Page 95[]

Elias (text): Maaaallllaaaaayyyyaaa
Elias (text): we're hunting the spell that's on you
Elias (text): wanna join Marisa and me this afternoon?
Malaya: Oh, it's Elias...?
Malaya (text): Can you teach me more about werewolf stuff while we're out?
Elias (text): Woooooooooooooooooooooo Hell yeah I can teach you stuff :D :D :D :D :D :D
Malaya: So, I guess I'm going to spend the afternoon learning werewolf stuff? Charlene: Good! Charlene: I know you have it in you, Mal. Make that tall, weird kid teach you everything he knows!

Page 96[]

Malaya: Um, do you want to come too? I don't really know how this whole thing works...
Charlene: Nah, I'm good. Witches can be... a little territorial. Probably worse than werewolves, actually, 'cause we don't have rules about being in each others' space or anything.
Malaya: Wait, really?
Charlene: Look at it this way: Witches pull energy from the earth and do crazy shit with it. All that energy cycles back into the earth when we're done. You don't want too many people messing with the primary source of your magic.
Charlene: Might... fuck up the trees or whatever. Turn 'em evil, I don't know.
Malaya: Wow.
Charlene: Sooo, you kind of have to tread carefully when you're new in the area. That's part of the reason I didn't mind moving up here... Lots of witches in New Orleans, lots of politics.
Malaya: Well, for what it's worth, I'm glad you're here.
Charlene: I hate scones, so you're probably just tasting the extra spite I put into them.
Malaya: Yeah, that's fair.

Page 97[]

Aubrey: I really tried, Mama.
Connie: I'm not saying it wasn't a good plain, Aubrey dear, but you were scared off by parlor tricks.
Connie: That witch is a charlatan, an illusionist... Anyone would have known she wasn't a threat if they paid attention. And you ran away from your target not just once, but twice now!
Aubrey: I don't know how to tell if she was faking! You're the only witch I know, and you don't tell me anything about magic!
Connie: Don't take that tone of voice with me, Aubrey. What you don't know isn't my fault.
Connie: Though I suppose I should blame myself for putting, so much pressure on you.
Connie: You're clearly not much of a leader. Unfortunately, we need to make this happen regardless.
Aubrey: Please Mama, just tell me why this girl?
Aubrey: Why now? Maybe I can work out something else...
Connie: You really want to know why?

Page 98[]

Connie: I guess you do deserve to know. I know I shouldn't keep things like this from you.
Connie: I told you if we don't expand our pack that I'm going to die.
Aubrey: Yes...
Connie: Well, dear, as regrettable as it is, my wolves won't survive if I don't. If I die, we all die, Aubrey.
Aubrey: What?! I want to protect you, Mama, but I don't understand what you're saying!
Connie: We're connected. You, me, the other wolves... I need more power to stay alive to keep you safe. To main that power, I need a bigger pack.
Connie: Even if you survive my death, you'll be torn apart by every witch and werewolf I've kept at bay for the last twenty years. We are months away from that being a reality, dear. You will not survive. None of you will, without me.

Page 99[]

Aubrey: Why this girl? Why aren't we enough?
Connie: Dear, you we're enough for a long time. But this girl you've told me about... this rogue werewolf...
Connie: She's strong.
Connie: So far, she's more capable than any of you...
Connie: And from the moment you told me about her, when you found her while tracking that werewolf boy.
Connie: I knew that I helped create her. Now I want her back

Page 100[]

Connie: Find her dear, and impart on your pack that their lives are on the line, if you would.
Connie: I have business to attend to in my office. Don't disturb me. I expect you'll have another plan ready by the end of the day.
Aubrey: Yes, Mama.
Harvey: Wow, what was that about?
Aubrey: Harvey.
Aubrey: Um... I think we're kind of screwed.

Page 101[]

Harvey: Wow, it is super obvious that Mama likes you best.
Ginger: For all that helps.
Harvey: Whatcha doing?
Ginger: Studying. I'm trying to get better at math. It's hard to learn on your own.
Harvey: Huh. I think Marcus is good at that, you should ask him.
Ginger: I would, but I want to try figuring it out by myself first. I don't want him to think I'm an idiot.
Harvey: You're not an idiot!
Harvey: It's not like we went to school.
Ginger: I guess.
Harvey: Hey, so I talked to Aubrey, and she really needs us on her side with this whole "steal a werewolf" thing. The situation is more serious than we realized.

Page 102[]

Ginger: Mama says that, but she won't tell us anything. I really don't think she means it.
Harvey: From what Aubrey said, Connie's going to take us down with her. If she doesn't survive, we don't survive and something about being torn apart if she's not here to protect us, I don't know.
Ginger: She's lying. She always lies.
Harvey: Yeah, maybe... We have no educations, no social security numbers, no birth certificates, nowhere else to live, no money... We don't even have last names.
Harvey: We'd be screwed without Connie, as much as it sucks. And what would we do with Tim? It's not like he could get a job. The ears claws and hair would make public super awkward.
Ginger: I've barely got claws, Harvey. I can't transform as far as you guys can. You don't need me, really.
Harvey: Right now, a united front is more important than claws. Marcus will listen to you. He'll be on board if you ask.
Ginger: I'll try. If you really need his help, I'll talk to him.
Harvey: We need both of you, Ginger.

Page 103[]

Harvey: Let me know what you hear back from Marcus!
Ginger: Hey Harv, did you ever learn math?
Harvey: Yeah, I remember learning math. I think my parents must have taught me, 'cuz I remember learning a lot of things. I think I was good at it.
Ginger: You remember your parents?
Harvey: No, but I remember how they made me feel. I think they had high hopes for me. I guess you don't teach a five year-old long division if you don't think she can handle it.
Ginger: I'm not there yet. I wish I could remember my parents. Or anything, really.
Harvey: Well... I remember my name is Harvey.
Ginger: Hmm, must be nice.
Harvey: Good luck, Ginny!
Ginger: Thank you, dear.

Page 104[]

Elias: Wow, did you just get up? It's like, 11am already.
Marisa: Look, here, ass. I worked til 3am, and you're unemployed, so shut your face.
Marisa: Motherfucker, if you're gonna eat all my damn eggs, you better plan on sharing some of that mess with me.
Elias: You're so friendly in the morning!
Elias: Hey, Marin said I could have them! I am a growing werewolf and I need my metric fuckton of calories to live. The full moon wiped me out.
Marisa: Okay, but Marin would never say no to you. It would feel like punching a baby seal.
Elias: I will totally share my eggs with you, Mar. I also made toast.
Marisa: That's more like it.

Page 105[]

Elias: So, Mal's on board for helping us hunt down the spell that's on her this afternoon.
Marisa: Oh good! That'll make it easier.
Elias: Sooo... Who do you think we're gonna find on the other side of this spell?
Marisa: Well, they're a witch, not another werewolf. You get your magic externally or internally, but you don't get to do both.
Elias: Anyone you woul dknow?
Marisa: Nope. There aren't that any witches in this part of Michigan. College town. Energy is too transient.
Elias: And our plan here is?
Marisa: Well, sir, we're gonna put on our hiking hsoes and wander all over the backwoods of crescent lake... Trying not to get noticed by a very powerful witch, who possibly has her own set of werewolves.
Elias: That does not sound like an actual plan.
Marisa: Plans are for chumps. This is just how we're spending the afternoon.

Page 106[]

Malaya: Oh, hey! How's it going?
Vincent: Fine.
Vincent: I got it.
Malaya: Oh, okay! Um, thanks.
Malaya: So... what brings you this way?
Vincent: I'm tired and the coffee on campus is awful.

Page 107[]

Vincent: The crowd left early today.
Malaya: Yeah, which is great, because I'm taking off soon.
Vincent: Where you going?
Malaya: Elias and his roommate-witch-lady are tracking this weird spell I have on me, and he asked if I could come along so he can teach me more about the whole werewolf thing.
Malaya: Oh...
Malaya: Vince?

Page 108[]

Vincent: I'm just really proud of you, Mal.
Vincent: You're willingly leaving hte house to go somewhere you've never been, with people you aren't related to.
Vincent: You've always held yourself together with this whole werewolf thing, and you've never even tried to eat anyone or tear off their face or whatever...
Vincent: I'm really happy for you.
Malaya: This is the most words I've ever heard you string together at one time, so I'm proud of you too.
Vincent: It'll never happen again, so hold on to that memory tightly.
Vincent: You need a ride home later?
Malaya: Maybe? I'll text you.
Vincent: Love you, Mal.

Page 110[]

Malaya: So, we're just gonna follow this... Magic fox?
Marisa: Yep, it'll lead us right to the source of your spell.
Malaya: Um, so what do we do if we actually run into the witch who cast the spell? Or the other werewolves?
Elias: Run like hell!
Malaya: That's enough?!
Elias: From the encounters you've told us about, those other werewolves aren't really sure what they're doing, and they don't seem that united. We aren't here to beat the crap out of them, we're just here to find out what's going on.
Marisa: And as far as witches go, a werewolf can run away faster than a witch can cast or activate a spell.

Page 111[]

Malaya: You're sure a werewolf can outrun a witch casting a spell?
Marisa: Yep! There was only one witch who ever came close to casting spells fast enough to match a werewolf's speed.
Marisa: Flora Conradine.
Marisa: Like thirty years ago or so, she was kind of a big deal in the witching world.
Marisa: I'm not sure what happened to her though.
Marisa: Maybe she died. Maybe she's in hiding.
Marisa: From what I read, she was involved with a werewolf, actually. That was very scandalous at the time. Not so much anymore.

Page 112[]

Malaya: Do witches... generally keep track of each other? My friend Charlene said witches can be territorial.
Marisa: Eh, yeah kinda. You wanna know who's in your area in case they cause trouble, but mostly we stay away from each other.
Marisa: Sometimes, a really talented witch will become a kind of a celebrity... like Flora.
Elias: You totally have a crush on this mysterious, possibly-dead woman.
Marisa: Yes.
Elias: What she's not telling you is that witches and warlocks are super gossipy and mean, and that's why it's best they stay away from each other.
Marisa: Don't listen to him!
Marisa: Werewolves are ten times more ridiculous! It's all packs and territories and bureaucracy!
Elias: You're so easy to get a rise out of!
Marisa: Asshole!
Malaya: Um... I think your fox thing found something?
Malaya: The fox... it changed into the weird one...

Page 113[]

Marisa: He must be here a lot if my spell can pick him up so clearly.
Malaya: I'm not thrilled about how close this is to my house. I know these woods go on awhile, but really...
Elias: Hm...
Elias: Did he look like that when you first saw him? Half transformed?
Malaya: Yeah, it was still kind of dark, but he didn't look... human as others?
Elias: I wonder if he's like that all the time?
Elias: Usually your pack would help you iron out your transformation so you're not pulled so far to one side or the other.
Malaya: Sides?

Page 114[]

Marisa: You're gonna have to explain that, Eli.
Elias: Oh, yeah! Um...
Elias: Okay, so once you're a werewolf, you're just a werewolf, right? You're not human you're nota. wolf...
Malaya: You're just a werewolf.
Elias: Yeah!
Elias: But every werewolf is different. Some weres naturally gravitate towards their wolfy side all the time... while some weres can barely transform enough to have claws.
Elias: But your pack helps with that as you grow up! A balanced pack will help you gravitate more towards the middle, either making it easier to stay human, or easier to access your wolf.
Marisa: Why are you like this?
Elias: And then as yoou get older your control gets worse again.
Malaya: Wait, what?

Page 115[]

Elias: Well, as you get older, your body is constantly healing itself. Weres live a really, really long time, technically...
Elias: But once you get near the end of a regular human lifespan, your healing takes over to such a degree that you become way more wolf than human. Always.
Elias: Like my grandma, for instance. Before I was born, my mom had to keep her away from my older brother and sister.
Elias: She kept growling at them.

Page 116[]

Elias: So one night, she went out into the woods behind our house.
Elias: She transformed, full wolf, and never came back.
Elias: That's what usually happens, at least.
Elias: Then you live out another lifetime as a wolf, this time with other older members from your pack.
Malaya: I don't know if I like that.
Elias: Yeah, I'm afraid you don't have a choice.
Marisa: Guys, I think we've found the place.

Page 117[]

Marisa: I have never seen any place with this many wards before.
Elias: This hoouse looks like the kind of place that your estranged aunt would leave to you in a will along with a bunch of money, but on the condition that you have to stay in the house for one night. But then you die.
Malaya: Well, I actually kind of like it. This house would look really nice if it were fixed up.
Elias: Yes, if this house didn't look like the earth was attempting to dismantle and reclaim it, it would look completely different.
Marisa: Don't be a dick, Eli.

Page 118[]

Marsia: Is that the werewolf the spell showed us in the forest?
Malaya: Oh hey, it is.
Malaya: I think he sees us.
Malaya: Should we do something?
Elias: Against one weirdo hanging out in his yard?
Malaya: Yes?
Elias: He's just staring at us.
Marisa: Well, this has been strange and anticlimactic.
Marisa: Oh, shit, he's coming towards us!

Page 119[]

Marsia: Okay, go... make him chase you or something!
Elias: Well... that went better than I expected.

Page 120[]

Malaya: So if this guy lives here, the rest of them probably do too, right?
Malaya: This is only a couple miles from my house...
Elias: Well, they really need to think about their life choices. No one should be living anywhere that looks like the physical manifestation of tetanus.
Malaya: No one owuld choose to live here, would they? I feel kind of bad for them.
Elias: Yeah, well... if they killed the people I came here to look into, then they'll get no pity from me.
Marisa: Crazy powerful wizarding spells, a bunch of random werewolves, a creepy house in the woods, random people dead from werewolf bites... How does this all add up?

Page 121[]

Elias: Now we know that whoever cast the spell over you lives here, so we should probably put all these pieces together at home base. I need to talk to my mom before we get involved in anything...
Malaya: But at least we didn't have to run for our lives!
Elias: We could still run away, just because.
Malaya: We could.
Marisa: To celebrate not getting into trouble, maybe?
Elias: My mother would have killed me if we started a werewolf political incident.
Marisa: Yay, werewolf speed!
Elias: You're pretty fast, Mal!
Malaya: I never get to run like this!

Page 122[]

Connie: Ah!
Connie: Ah!

Page 123[]

Connie: I'm not going to let you win...

Page 124[]

Malaya: Hello!
Vincent: <Malaya, do you need a ride home today?> <From... wherever you are?>
Malaya: <I'm at home already!> <watching TV> <And knitting...>
Vincent: Wait... you're not watching Scandal without me, are you?
Malaya: It's not my fault your'e not home! I'll rewatch it with yoou later, but if I wait, I'll have to avoid spoilers on the internet for days!
Vincent: You're the worst. How did your... thing go? <Your trip out into the world?>
Malaya: <Good! I learned more about werewolves. <I never felt anxious or out of controlL>
Vincent: <That's improvement>
Malaya: <I think so>

Page 125[]

Malaya: <I think... this might actually turn out okay.>
Malaya: <I might be getting to a point where what I am doesn't scare the hell out of me.>
Vincent: <Maybe you're not hopeless after all.>
Malaya: Ha! You're one to talk.
Vincent: <Did you guys find anything on your trip?>
Malaya: <Yeah! A creepy house, and we saw one of the werewolves from that pack I ran into in the woods>. I'll tell you all about it when you get home.
Vincent: <Nice.> I'll be hoome soon.
Malaya: Okay! <Love you, bro!>
Vincent: <Love you too>

Page 126[]

Vincent: Hm.