Found Out About You

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Chap7 cover

Cover art for Chapter 7

Entering the Red Moon Cafe, Elias encounters a long line of customers waiting to be served. Malaya and Charlene are busy at the counter, rushing to fill orders. After calling attention to himself, Elias gets a broad grin from Malaya, and then he asks if she needs help. She offers him free food after the rush if he'll bus tables. He's on it with a thumbs up[1]. While bussing a table, Elias wonders if it's always this busy. They all stay busy as the morning rush slowly trickles down until all customers are served. Charlene and Malaya give each other high five as Elias comes back with a full bus tray, with Charlene chortling how they're mostly clear til lunch[2]. Malaya takes the full tray and tells Elias to let her know what he wants to eat, so she can pay him for his help. He hums and says he's gotta think about it. He turns to find Charlene watching him intently. She inscrutably mentions that something is up with him, calling him wolf boy. She states his energy is off. Looking dumbfounded, he has nothing to say. Just then, Malaya touches his arm and asks how the talk with his mother went. Looking distraught, he admits the talk wasn't great. His mom told him how the meeting went…

Speaking to the other members of the Werewolf Council using an online app, Sara is saying she didn't give Elias permission to get involved, and she has made it clear he would be expelled if he dealt with the rogues on his own. She goes on to tell the council there are five young werewolves involved, and probably a witch in the house, too. Irena Vardinogiannis tells her it doesn't matter what Elias found, he could have dragged them all into this mess without permission, so it's Sara's pack's problem now. These weirdos are on the border of the Ross's territory, they can deal with them. Irena's pack votes to stay out of it. Phil Massey chides Irena, saying she'd vote to keep her pack out of the yearly potluck if they let her. She complains that no one ever eats her damn potato salad. Sara hangs her head, feeling a migraine coming on. Pumpkin tries to comfort Sara by resting her head on Sara's[3].

Elias finishes the story with how they ended up creating a subcommittee to discuss formalizing an emergency procedure, bringing the bureaucratic nightmare to completion. In a nutshell, Elias was expelled pending further notice to "discourage action without the mandate of the council" by any other werewolves. Charlene feels this is harsh, asking if the pack isn't everything to werewolves. She questions him about never being a free agent before. He admits he's still allowed to stay with Marin and Marisa, and he still has some of his Hanukkah money that will tide him over until he can get a job, but he's always been his mom's right-hand man. That was his life, that was supposed to be his future. He wants to know what he should do now. Hearing what he's saying, Malaya offers him a job at the coffee shop if he wants[4].

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