How to be a Werewolf Wiki

Page 381[]

Charlene: So, you werewolf whammied her, and then Ginger was totally chill about the whole 'waking up at a stranger's house with extra fur' situation?
Malaya: I didn't... whammy her. Elias said I enthralled her.
Charlene: Okay, but I thought only an alpha can enthrall pack members.
Malaya: Elias said that I can do it to humans, too.
Charlene: Can you enthrall the guy with the stupid coffee order?
Malaya: No, you can only enthrall a human who commits to joining your pack or being bitten. I mean, Elias's grandma couldn't do the... werewolf whammy on me until after she bit me. I didn't consent to joining.
Charlene: Well, that was Connie taking over the body of Ziva, but yeah. So you used your eyeballs to force Ginger to calm down?
Malaya: Not exactly? I was acting on... instinct. I know Ginger isn't technically part of my pack, but that's how my werewolf saw her, and it was like... 'I don't want this person to get hurt or be afraid'.

Page 382[]

Charlene: And what did Ginger think of being enthralled?.
Malaya: Well...
Ginger: I felt... safe. And calm. It was like you were trying to push that feeling towards me, that everything would be okay. I haven't felt like that before...
Charlene: Dang. There are some perks to being an alpha, I guess. Enthralling probably helps prevent pack infighting.
Malaya: How can I be an alpha? My pack is just my family, who are all humans, and Elias kind of. And he's not official official. Why would any of that qualify me to be an alpha werewolf.
Charlene: Then you're an alpha by default. Is that so bad?
Malaya: I think so! Why do I get to be a walking anti-anxiety drug! I suck at being a werewolf! That's why we're at the store at eleven-thirty at night instead of normal time!
Charlene: But you're at the grocery store! That's a big deal!

Page 383[]

Malaya: If going to the grocery store without a werewolf escort is a big deal, then I definitely don't have the right to have special alpha werewolf skills. I didn't do anything to deserve this.
Charlene: You have the power to turn into a giant hairy monster. Some people would abuse that power... but you're not one of those people. Having hte ability to calm people down doesn't mean you're fixin' to exploit it.
Malaya: Um...
Malaya: So, uh... When is our roleplaying group meeting again?
Charlene: Thursday at seven.
Malaya: Great!
Malaya: Um... enthralling isn't just about calming people down. Some alphas can use it to immobilize the werewolves in their pack.
Charlene: Oh, sketchy...
Malaya: But the alpha has to maintain eye contact the whole time.
Charlene: Hm, don't learn to do that.
Malaya: Yeah.

Page 384[]

Charlene: But you're not going to abuse someone's free will, just like you're not going to attack anyone in this empty store. What if we get them some ramen? There's no nutritional value, but it's easy...
Malaya: Don't you have to add hot water to ramen?
Charlene: Um, yeah, that's true. I have an electric tea kettle I don't use.
Malaya: Do they have electricity at the creepy house, though?
Malaya: I just don't feel prepared to be an alpha. I was a normal boring person with no life and control issues based on the cycle of the moon. But now I'm potentially leading a werewolf pack and I don't even know who all the members are.
Charlene: No one's prepared for shit. No adult knows what the hell they're doin', but you're figuring it out, Mal. You have weird challenges, but you're facing 'em just fine.
Malaya: Thanks, Charlene.

Page 385[]

Charlene: Are you sure you're okay carrying everything?
Malaya: Yeah, it's the least I can do. I'm just grateful I didn't have to ask Dad to buy werewolf food again.
Malaya: I know groceries are just a stop gap measure, but we don't have answers yet on freeing Aubrey and the others from Connie's spell. Keeping them fed is all I can do to help them stay alive right now.
Charlene: You know... instead of asking other people to help you get all this food, you could just learn how to drive, Mal. You've got hte werewolf thing under control enough that road rage wouldn't make you hairy..
Malaya: Huh.
Malaya: I guess... I could do that.

Page 386[]

Joy: Vincent!
Vincent: Hey, Joy.
Joy: How'd you do on the midterm?
Vincent: Uh, not too bad.
Vincent:I think I bombed a question on alkene reactions, but I think I got the extra credit question.
Joy: Yeah, the section on alkene reactions made no sense.
Vincent: I'm helping Professor Coletti with a research project, and I have to collect data tomorrow in the woods. You wanna come?
Joy: I'd love to wander in the forest and look for birds with you, dude, but htere's a big game this weekend and I have band practice.
Vincent: Can they even play football without music?
Joy: Nope, without music, the players' bones don't work.
Vincent: I thought so.

Page 387[]

Joy: I haven't seen your shadow around in awhile. Why don't you ask him to go bird watchinig with you?
Vincent: He's not my shadow, and it isn't bird watching. The Kirtland's Warbler is a crucial endangered species. Besides, he's working at the coffee shop now, I don't know if he would be free.
Joy: Oh, he's got a job! What a catch.
Vincent: What are you saying?
Joy: I'm saying you could ask your shadow to help with your research project.
Vincent: Why would Elias wnat to track birds with me? He's not studying biology.
Joy: Uh, because you guys spend all your time together, you get along, you share some hobbies, he giggles at your weird jokes, he makes stupid faces at you...
Vincent: That doesn't mean anything.
Joy: Sure. Or it means he might be down to wander in the woods alone with you under the pretense of looking for birds.

Page 388[]

Vincent: That... sounds like a date. A really weird date.
Joy: I mean, it could be date-like. I've been on weirder dates. My boyfriend and I once drove for two hours to his favorite hamburger joint. By the way, if you ever want a really good burger and feel like driving four hours, round trip, I know a place.
Vincent: I don't know if I'm ready for... that. Dating. How do you even know if you like someone that way?
Joy: Well, you meet up with them, maybe alone in the woods, and then see if you'd be interested in spending more time with them.
Vincent: I already spend all my time with Elias.
Joy: Okay, that's a start. Maybe you just need to figure out if you're attracted to him or not.
Vincent: Hm.
Joy: You realize that you don't have a deadline here, right? Going on a few practice dates with someone doesn't mean you're signing up for a trip to bone town.
Vincent: Bone town?
Joy: You know what I mean. Everyone wants dating to move so quickly now. Take your time if you want.
Joy: Just in case you haven't noticed, your shadow is very cute. Objectively.
Vincent: ...I might have noticed.

Page 389[]

Marcus: I don't know what's happening back there, but I don't like the look of it.
Aubrey: Which is why we're not going back there. Okay, I think I figured out what Ginger's letter says.
Harvey: Her handwriting is awful!
Aubrey: You taught her how to write!
Harvey: Better than that!
Aubrey: "Dear everyone, I am safe."

Page 390[]

Ginger: "I'm learning a lot."
Ginger: "I like math the most. Elias is helping me."
Ginger: "Marisa is teaching me biology and anatomy."
Ginger: "There are so many things inside of a person."
Ginger: "Marin is helping me with spelling."
Ginger: "I'm getting better."

Page 391[]

Ginger: "Everyone has been very nice to me."
Ginger: "Malaya and Marisa gave me some old clothes to wear."
Ginger: "Mama picked my clothes before." "It's a big change."
Ginger: "My ears won't go back to normal, and covering them up doesn't work very well."
Ginger: "It's too warm for hats."

Page 392[]

Ginger: "I've been trying to get better at transforming into a werewolf, but my progress is slow."
Ginger: "Sara helped me with some basics. She's an alpha werewolf."
Ginger: "Sara is nice but also a little scary."

Page 393[]

Ginger: "I can't transform very far, and I look weird when I try."
Ginger: "Changing back and forth is getting a lot easier, though."
Ginger: "(except my ears.)"

Page 394[]

Aubrey: "I hope you all are still okay! Marisa is working on finding a way to break Mama's spell so you can leave."
Aubrey: "Please don't worry about me! Love, Ginger."
Harvey: Well, at least one of us is safe.
Marcus: Yeah, but the rest of us are on borrowed time. We're sleeping on the porch and eating lunch meat while the back of the house is getting taken over by magic weeds.
Aubrey: What else can we do? If we run away, Connie will just suck us dry.
Harvey: Then our only option is to kick back, eat some hot dogs, and hope we don't die!

Page 395[]

Ginger: "Mary, Alex, and Joseph have fifty-five apples. Alex has five more apples than Mary, and Joseph has two times more apples than Alex. How many apples does each person have?"
Ginger: Why do these people have so many apples?
Elias: Uh, I don't know. Maybe they make pies for a living. Do you get how to solve it though?
Ginger: Of course. But that is too many apples.
Marisa: That sounds like algebra. Aren't equations kinda advanced?
Elias: Nah, Ginger's getting really good at math.
Ginger: X equals ten. Mary has ten apples, Alex has fifteen, and Joseph has thirty apples because he's greedy and strange.
Elias: Oh, Vince texted me.
Elias: "I have to search the woods for signs of the Kirtland's Warbler's habitat tomorrow. You in?"
Elias: What the hell is a "Kirtland's Warbler?"

Page 396[]

Marisa: If you're going to the woods, why don't you take Ginger? She won't have to hide her ears there.
Ginger: Huh. I've been studying so much, I actually haven't gotten out of the house in a few days...
Elias: Great! You wanna come look for whatever a Warbeler is in the woods tomorrow? We can practice werewolf stuff, too.
Ginger: Sure!
Elias: Cool, I'll let Vincent know.
Elias (text): I'm in!
Elias (text): What time?

Page 397[]

Marin: Babe, you have to call it a night. You have work in the morning.
Marisa: I know, but there's gotta be something in one of these books. I can't find any magic, that comes close to the grip she has on those werewolves.
Marin: Sometimes, evil bends reality to its will, but that doesn't mean a dtermined good person can't bend it back. You've been working hard for days to find answers, but witches can't save anyone if they don't sleep.
Marisa: Yeah, you're right.
Marisa: The coven I know in Utah should be giving me an update on their progress tomorrow. Maybe that'll help.
Marisa: I wanna be the big spoon.
Marin: No objection, your honor.

Page 398[]

Charlene: How many wagons of food have you delivered so far?
Malaya: Not sure! I lost count. THanks for helping me today.
Charlene: No prob. Midterms are done, so all those students your dad hired actually want my spare shifts for once.
Malaya: Leslie hasn't worked in weeks. She said passing chemistry is more important than making coffee.
Charlene: Making coffee is chesmitry. Caffeine's a chemical.
Charlene: Besides, I needed to get out of my apartment. I've been goin' through spell books, but so far, nothin'. Breaking a witch's hold on werewolves that she made after bonding to an alpha werewolf... That's not like, a popular spell category.
Malaya: Your mom didn't have any ideas?
Charlene: Mama thought I was nuts. Auntie told me her tarot cards, revealed a darkness arriving, something about death and rebirth, doubt creeping in denial, clouding judgement... then she said I'm too self-absorbed and I need to open myself to the universe and seek truth.
Malaya: Uh, holy shit. None of that sounds good.
Charlene: Naw, it's fine. She gave me almost the same fortune before my senior prom. Turned out the guy I went with cheated on me a month later. Who knows what Auntie means.

Page 399[]

Malaya: What if we haev to wait until Aubrey and the others are practically dead? That was how Marisa freed Ginger, but will that work again? Is there some other spell that'll break them free?
Malaya: And if they do have to be almost dead, then bringing Aubery's pack food just means it'll take even longer to set them free!
Charlene: If starving them almost todeath ends up being our current plan, then I'll place my bet on literally any other solution.
Charlene: So, if we do find a spell and these traumatized werewolves are free from their creepy momma... What's your end game?
Charlene: What do you want out of this situation? You gonna alpha it up?
Malaya: I don't know. I don't want to lead anyone. I feel like I've only just started to figure out how to keep this werewolf thing from running my life.
Malaya: Right now, I just don't want Aubrey and the other werewolves to die..
Charlene: Maybe that attitude... that you just want to help them... is where those cool alpha eyeball powers came from.
Malaya: I. don't really want to be an alpha, though..
Charlene: You might not have a choice, Mal.

Page 400[]

Elias: I can't believe you thought it'd be easier to have me just sniff you out in a forest than meet at a specific location.
Vincent: I figured you'd appreciate the challenge.
Elias: I mean, yeah. But humans usually don't think like werewolves.
Elias: Oh, I hope it's okay that I brought Ginger.. Seeing as we're hanging out in the woods, and she can't go out much right now, uh... with the ear situation.
Vincent: Yeaaah.

Page 401[]

Ginger: Hello. Um, sorry about my pack kidnapping you and chaining you up in a basement.
Elias: Oh.
Elias: I... totally should have asked first. I'm so sorry.
Vincent: It's... fine.
Vincent: From what Mal has told me, it wasn't their choice to... wrap me in silver-plated chains covered in tape and flowers.

Page 402[]

Elias: Damn, I should have seen this coming.
Ginger: You've gotten to know me, so why would you think there'd be an issue? To him, I'm a kidnapper and someone who attacked his sister in a hallway. He and Malaya went home right after I woke up...
Elias: Vince!
Elias: We can go... if that'd make you feel better. I didn't htink things through... I'm really sorry.
Vincent: Hey you don't have to go. If you and Mal say Ginger is okay, hten I cna give her a chance.
Elias: I promise to protect you if you get attacked!
Vincent: Well... if you promise.

Page 403[]

Elias: Let me make it up to you! We can help you find this bird thing you're looking for.
Elias: Please let me help you.
Vincent: Uh, okay. Sure, yeah. Can you... track a bird? It only weighs like a half ounce.
Elias: I can totally track a bird that small! I just, uh... need something to track it from.
Vincent: Uh, well. The Kirtland's Warbler doesn't come through here until June and it's only May. But I could use help finding the Jack Pines that they nest under, or any brown-headed cowbirds in the area.
Ginger: You need help finding a tree and a totally different bird?
Vincent: I need to find signs the warblers nest here. The cowbird parasitically uses the warblers' nests to lay and raise their own eggs.
Ginger: Parasites?
Elias: This cowbird sounds like an asshole.

Page 404[]

Vincent: Cowbirds lay their eggs in the nest of other birds, usually kicking out eggs that are already there.
Vincent: The eggs are then raised by the nest owner. Young cowbirds take up a lot of resources from the warbler chicks after hatching. Some birds have developed defenses against cowbirds, but the Kirtland's warbler hasn't yet.
Vincent: The Kirtland's warbler also only nests under jack pines that are between six and tewnty-two years old, so they're threatened by not having enough young trees to use..
Elias: What the hell? This bird is a mess! Are we sure nature wants it to live?
Vincent: I forgot to mention that warblers are also sexually attracted to fire.
Elias: Seriously?!
Ginger: I think he's joking.
Elias: You have such a weird sense of humor.
Vincent: I see one. A brown-headed cowbird...
Elias: On it!
Vincent: What?

Page 405[]

Elias:Got it!
Vincent: Holy shit.
Elias: It's still alive! Little stunned, though. You said this bird was a parasite... Should I, um... kill it?
Vincent: Uuuh. Um, no. Seems bad.
Elias: Yeah, kind of creepy.

Page 406[]

Vincent: Are you... smelling it?
Elias: Gotta know what cowbirds smell like to track them.
Ginger: This is ridiculous. Being a werewolf is ridiculous.
Elias: Sorry, bird! Stop being a parasite!
Vincent: That was weird. That was objectively strange. This is real life.
Ginger: Um, I think I smell another one of those cowbird things?
Elias: Well, go track it down!
Ginger: Uh, okay!

Page 407[]

Elias: I know having Ginger here wasn't part of your plan for today, but thanks for letting her stay. She has a lot left to learn, I guess I got caught up in teaching her how to be a werewolf that I didn't think how you'd feel about her being here.
Vincent: You like teaching people things, don't you? That's why you stayed in Crescent Lake to help my sister to begin with...
Elias: Yeha, I guess I do. I like helping other people know how to do things.
Vincent: Maybe you should study to be a teacher?
Elias: Huh. Maybe I could. I coudl teach about things that don't have to do with being a werewolf.
Vincent: Hey, thanks for... trying so hard to help me with this project..
Elias: Yeah, well... it's no problem. I'm just really sorry I didn't ask if I could bring Ginger...
Vincent: It's okay, I'm not mad at you. Promise.
Elias: Thanks... I'm, um. I'm glad.

Page 408[]

Malaya: The house is through these trees...
Charlene: These wagons are not meant for off-roading.
Malaya: I can pull both of them if you want...
Charlene: Nah, I have another plan...
Malaya: Wow... I thought you only did illusions?
Charlene: Well, they're not real turtles but they can still move stuff. Ilussions can be useful in a lot of ways...
Malaya: Is your crow an illusion?
Charlene: Alphonsus is one hundred percent a real bird. I raised him myself.
Malaya: Oh, I see the house!
Charlene: Uh, Mal... what the hell is that?!
Malaya: I don't know, I didn't see it last time...

Page 409[]

Charlene: Nope, nuh-uh. Not today, Satan.
Malaya: But the food isn't close enough to the house that Aubrey can reach it.
Charlene: The turtles can finish delivering the food. Whatever Connie is cookin' up back there is bad news. Don't get anywhere near it.
Malaya: Your magic won't disappear closer to the house?
Charlene: Not anymore the wards are all gone.
Malaya: Charlene... Why did you pick turtles?
Charlene: Uh, they're cute?
Charlene: Okay, let's get outta here...
Malaya: Wait...

Page 410[]

Malaya: Yeah, we're here!
Malaya: You left it where? Oh, yeah I can grab it before I leave. We're trying to stay away from the house.
Charlene: Whaaa...
Charlene: Hey, Mal... What's goin' on?
Malaya: I'm talking to Aubrey. She left the wagon I used to deliver food the last time in the woods close to here.
Charlene: You're... using werewolf hearing to talk to her from here?
Malaya: Yep!
Charlene: It's like watching someone on a phone call.
Malaya: What's with all the creepy vines?
Aubrey: We don't know! The vines are coming from Mama's room.
Aubrey: The plants around the house have been growing like crazy this week, too.

Page 411[]

Aubrey: Huh? Oh, uh... I think Mama's spell has gotten worse, actually. I can only make it a few feet into the woods, but Tim is mostly stuck around the porch.
Harvey: Wow, that seems kind of bad.
Marcus: Yeah, no shit.

Page 412[]

Harvey: This isn't working! These stupid vines will take over the house in a few days!
Harvey: I'm gonna look for solutions.
Marcus: Solutions?
Aubrey: Uh, be careful?
Harvey: Yeah, I will.
Malaya: Marisa and Charlene have been looking for spells to break Connie's hold on all of you. But a werewolf pack being run by a witch who bonded to an alpha werewolf, uuh...
Charlene: There's no easy spell to solve... whatever this is. What about... fire? Too drastic and arson-y?
Aubrey: So... about that.
Aubrey: Mama still has the house protected against fire.

Page 413[]

Harvey: Stupid spell... Stupid old witch... -Huff- -Huff-
Harvey: A few more days... -Huff- and the... garage will be too... far... -Huff-
Harvey: Hey! Nice!
Harvey: Oh yeah, that's what I was looking for...

Page 414[]

Harvey: Okay! -Huff- I'm back!
Aubrey: Uh, wow...
Harvey: I found solutions!
Harvey: Yeah, I will.
Harvey: Here! Have a giant knife!
Charlene: These... solutions look kinda rusty.
Harvey: Yeah, but they'll still cut weeds!
Harvey: That worked pretty well...

Page 415[]

Charlene: I didn't see! What just happened?
Malaya: Harvey cut the vines and they died... Maybe we just need to cut them all down?
Malaya: Oh, uh... Nope. That didn't work.
Harvey: Damn you! Stop Growing!.
Harvey: Stupid! Asshole! Plants!
Aubrey: Uh, thank you for the... pink turtles?

Page 416[]

Ginger: Found it! A cowbird!
Ginger: Wait... I smell...
Ginger: I smell cowbirds everywhere! Smell, hear, taste... My senses are full of stupid birds!
Elias: That's what tracking is all about! Your whole body homes in on the target! Focus on signals near the ground... under the pine trees that Vincent talked about.
Elias: Right?
Vincent: -Huff Huff Huff- R-Right. -Huff Huff-
Ginger: That way! I smell pine with a hint of cowbird!
Elias: Go track it down! I'll wait for Vincent!
Vincent: -Huff Huff- Y-you go, I'll catch up... -Huff Huff- in a minute.
Elias: Are you sure?
Vincent: Yep, I'm making friends with this tree. -Huff Huff-

Page 417[]

Vincent: Werewolves don't realize how fast they run.

Page 418[]

Vincent: There they are...
Elias: Hey, you found us!
Vincent: Yeah... huff huff
Vincent: Um, I thought I heard something. Behind me...
Elias: Well, there's a car a few miles from here driving... north. There's a family of deer west of us. A couple coyotes, lots of birds, some rabbits... So many bugs... Don't hear any other people, though.
Vincent: Wow, you can hear all that? That's, uh... I'm probably just paranoid. I guess.
Ginger: Over there!
Vincent: Just... paranoid.

Page 419[]

Ginger: Is that it?
Elias: No idea...
Elias: Vince!
Elias: This smells like a cowbird and it's near the ground. The scent is kind of stale, maybe from last year? Do you think it's the nest you're looking for?
Vincent: Uh, not sure. Let me get a closer look.
Vincent: Yeah...
Vincent: You guys found a kirtland's warberler's nest.

Page 420[]

Vincent: Um, hello?
Ginger: What are you doing?
Vincent: Recording the latitude and longitude... and any other data my professor might need later.
Ginger: What does that mean? Latitude and longitude...
Vincent: So, these are coordinates I can use the GPS on my phone to find this exact location again. We can also plot all the nests we find on a map and compare our data to track their migration and habitats...
Ginger: You can look at all that data and see if the Warbler populations are doing better or worse, right?
Vincent: Yep.
Ginger: Science is neat.

Page 421[]

Ginger: Elias! What kind of science has been done on werewolves?
Elias: Uh, none? I guess? Werewolves generally try not to let humans in on our whole... deal.
Vincent: Wait, if no one has studied werewolves, then how do you know everything that werewolves are capable of?
Elias: We just know? Moving fast, super strength, transforming into a giant wolf monster, biting stuff, smelling and hearing things that humans can't... wolfsbane and silver messes us up, but we heal quickly...
Ginger: What about howling? The weird wolf that mama always has with her used to howl sometimes...
Elias: That wolf is my grandma!
Ginger: Uh... wow. Okay.
Elias: Usually, werewolves only howl after we transform. We can howl when we're still human, it just looks and sounds... stupid. I don't know if that's just a hang up my family has?
Elias: Awooo!
Ginger: Yeah, that is very dumb.

Page 422[]

Vincent: You two seriously don't hear that?! You can hear bugs, but you can't hear the noise coming from trees?
Elias: Nope, just the same stuff as last time...
Ginger: Me neither. Squirrels, birds, a stream...
Vincent: There!!

Page 423[]

Ginger: Who?
Lucas: Brooo, you're not a werewolf! I was wondering why you looked so freaked out, man.
Vincent: Me?

Page 424[]

Lucas: Like, if I knew you were human, I woulda used a better soundproofing spell.
Lucas: My bad! That's my bad, bro! Soundproofing! Not my forte, yo.
Elias: Uh, I'm sorry. Who are you? Why were you following us with a soundproofing spell?
Lucas: Yeah, so, my name is Lucas and I'm a witch. Wizard? I don't know man, I dunno what you call a dude witch. But like, that's me, yo! Dude witch.
Lucas: And uh, yeah. I'm following you 'cause I was like told to. So here I am. Doin' what I'm told.

Page 425[]

Elias: You were told to follow us... by Connie?
Lucas: Who's Connie?
Elias: Okay, so did the werewolf council send you?!
Lucas: Ha! Nah, man, I don't know them either.
Vincent: Then why are you here?
Lucas: Okay, so I'm here... deliver this.

Page 426[]

Elias: Wolfsbane!
Lucas: Woah, like... cool your shorts, man. I got a message to go along with the wacky flower... Uh, the message is...
Lucas: Oh! Yeah, so... "This is my land..." something... I forgot...
Lucas: "This isn't your fight, but if you insist on being involved, there willl be furhter consequences..."
Lucas: Uh, the speech had a good ending, but I can't remember it, so just um, leave this uh, territory or whatever... because my boss was here first and he's moving in.

Page 427[]

Vincent: Elias?
Lucas: Yeah, I get why, like, you'd think that would scare me...

Page 428[]

Lucas: Ha! Just kidding.
Lucas: I get that you wanna protect your friends from this plant, but like, wow. You were so on board with sacrificing yourself way too fast.

Page 429[]

Lucas: Wait, where'd the wolf dude go? He was right in front of me...
Lucas: Woah! Hey, dude...
Vincent: Why is he fighting this guy? We should run!
Ginger: Marisa told me that werewolves can move faster than a witch can cast a spell. I think Elias is trying to send him home with a message...
Vincent: God, werewolves are weird...
Lucas: Yikes, man!

Page 431[]

Vincent: Elias!
Vincent: Hey! Come on! Eli!
Ginger: He should've been able to dodge that...

Page 432[]

Lucas: Okay so, yeah! That was the message I was sent to deliver! Leave, and if you don't leave... you get flower powdered, I guess.
Lucas: Girly, you gonna try me? Like, technically I'm outta the wolfsbane stuff... Oh, wait...
Lucas: Psych! I brought friends, yo!

Page 433[]

Vincent: Ginger?
Lucas: That's not gonna help...
Ginger: Being a werewolf is ridiculous.

Page 434[]

Lucas: Yeah okay, like... Are you gonna take on all these dudes alone? If you leave now, they won't attack or whatever.
Malaya: How do we fight plants?
Charlene: Mama knows a witch who specializes in plants... maybe she'll know...

Page 435[]

Aubrey: Ginger!!
Malaya: Ginger!
Charlene: You can tell it's her?
Malaya: Yeah, I just... know. She's in trouble!

Page 436[]

Malaya: I gotta go!
Charlene: I know, don't worry about me! I'll follow you as fast as I can.
Aubrey: Malaya! You have to help Ginger!
Malaya: I will! I promise!
Harvey: What the hell?

Page 437[]

Malaya: Charlene?! Where'd you get a horse?!
Charlene: It's not real! Won't last long 'cause the trees here are too pissed off, but my illusions can caryr me for a little while!
Malaya: I thought your spells were always pink!
Charlene: Nah, pink is just my favorite color!
Charlene: Go get 'em Mal!

Page 438[]

Vincent: He's covered in wolfsbane. You'll be too weak to transform if it touches you.
Vincent: What?!

Page 440[]

Charlene: Well, my magic gave up!
Charlene: We need to stay out of the way... Uh, wow, your boy is covered in that wolfsbane...

Page 440[]

Vincent: What are we gonna do?
Charlene: I have a spell that might help when the magic here gives me access again...
Vincent: There's nothing to stop them coming after us.
Charlene: Uh, yeah...
Lucas: So uh... I'm gonna go. I liked your horse, lady witch!
Vincent: You said they wouldn't attack us!
Lucas: Yeah, I say a lotta things, but I can't tell a werewolf what to do. They gotta make sure you know we mean business, I guess. Leave or there'll be consequences or something. Anyway, peace out!

Page 441[]

Charlene: God, witches are so damn weird.
Charlene: What?!
Charlene: Oh!

Page 442[]

Charlene: Uh, yeah...
Lucas: So uh... I'm gonna go. I liked your horse, lady witch!
Vincent: You said they wouldn't attack us!
Lucas: Yeah, I say a lotta things, but I can't tell a werewolf what to do. They gotta make sure you know we mean business, I guess. Leave or there'll be consequences or something. Anyway, peace out!

Page 443[]

Vincent: Wow, we are... so boned.
Vincent: ...what?
Charlene: Shh.

Page 444[]

Vincent: Uh...

Page 446[]

Charlene: Oh, I am so glad they left. That spell was hangin' on by a thread. Connie made these trees real skeptical about witches.
Vincent: Elias weighs a ton and he's still sick from the aconite. We have to figure out how to help him.
Charlene: I don't know anything about wolfsbane other than that it'll fuck up a werewolf. Vincent: If we could get the petals off of him, that would be a start...
Vincent: Ginger, you said there's a stream near here?

Page 447[]

Vincent: If we drag him to the stream, maybe we can wash off the petals...
Malaya: I hope that wakes him up. I'll see if I can get Marin or Marisa on the phone. They might know what to do...
Charlene: Mal!
Malaya: Thanks!
Marisa: Oh shit, Elias is covered in wolfsbane? Like, how covered?
Malaya: Uh, very covered? He's not waking up.
Marisa: I'm glad you caught me on my break. Uh, yeah definitely wash him off and see if that helps. I'll send Marin to meet you at Malaya's house. She might know more than me.
Malaya: Thanks you!
Malaya: Okay, so we'll take Elias to the stream first, then back to the house to see Marin. Ginger, you know where the...
Malaya: ... Stream is. Oh uh... You need to know how to transform back, I guess.

Page 447[]

Malaya: Um, okay... I just learned how to change back, so I'm not sure how much help I'll be. Uh, so.... close your eyes... You had to get in touch with your werewolf side to transform in the first place, so you just have to go in reverse! Focus really hard on what makes you feel human.
Malaya: Let you guard down, let your werewolf rest... Think about what grounds you, who you want to keep safe...
Ginger: I'm Back! And my ears are normal again!

Page 448[]

Vincent: Here are my spare gloves...
Malaya: Of course you have spare gloves. And probably a first aid kit, a hunting knife, a compass...
Vincent: Yeah, obviously.
Ginger: I'm so hungry...
Ginger: The stream is this way!

Page 449[]

Vincent: Most of the aconite washed off at least.
Elias: Did i die? I feel like I died. My lungs feel... bad.
Ginger: You chased a man witch up a tree like an idiot, and then got attacked by a whole bunch of werewolves so I transformed! Then Malaya and Charlene saved us and we dunked you in a stream.
Elias: You guys fought a bunch of werewolves without me? I'm bunned. And hungry. "Man witch" sounds like "sandwich."
Vincent: I have some energy bars in my backpack...
Vincent: None of you would have survived the Oregon trail.
Charlene: Can I swipe one, too?
Vincent: Sure, I have enough...
Elias: This tastes like cardboard and I love it.
Malaya: Well, today was exciting...
Charlene: Yeah, too exciting. Let's go home...

Page 450[]

Lucas: Wow! Dudes! You didn't know those werewolves were fake?! Yo, that's hilarious.
Julian: You said this forest was too angry to get any magic out of! Why would we think she could conjure up a whole pack of werewolves out of nowhere?!.
Lucas: That's what I thought. Like, I siphoned some juice off the boss because I wasn't having any luck with my spells, but maybe the trees like her better than me. Who knows, man. At least I was able to get you dudes camouflaged so they couldn't hear or smell you...
Thomas: Lucas! Will you shut the hell up?! I still have a goddamn headache because someone took too much of my energy...

Page 452[]

Lucas: You're the one who told me what to do, man. Like, I didn't need to go in there with that much fire power, but you offered!
Lucas: Woah! Geez, man. That hurt, yo.
Lucas: Hey, babe.
Ella: Hey, Lucas. No peeking!
Lucas: I won't! Pinky swear!
Ella: Daddy! Stop harrassing him! All of this was your idea! We were fine in Ohio!

Page 453[]

Abigail: She's right, Tom. We haven't totally burnt our bridges yet. We can still go back to the rest of the pack. It'd be easier to just stake our claim back home, finally.
Thomas: No! Crescent Lake is my birthright, and she took that away from me. We have the support, we can make it official. No one can take this place away from me again.
Julian: Bro, I am behind you, one hundred percent! We got this. Let's just fuckin' take this territory. We'll finally put down our roots.
Casey: Isaac, what are you thinking?
Thomas: Come here, brother!
Isaac: Nothing. Just that it's kind of nice here.

Page 454[]

Marin: Eli! I rushed over to Malaya's house! You look terrible!
Elias: Thanks, that matches how i feel on the inside.
Marin: Marisa said we need to wash off all the remaining wolfsbane, but whatever wolfsbane made it inside your system is going to make you sick for awhile. Your werewolf healing will fight off the wolfsbane, but it doesn't have the advantage here.
Marin: Here, I'll help you inside...
Elias: Did you talk to my mom at all?
Marin: I couldn't get a hold of her. Maybe her phone is out of range?
Elias: Marin! I can walk!
Marin: But this is faster. Malaya, where's your shower dear?
Malaya: Uh, upstairs, first door on the left?

Page 455[]

Marin: Vincent, do you have any clothes Eli could change into?
Vincent: Uh, sure. I'll go grab something.
Marin: Thank you!
Elias: Ugh, Marin I can do this on my own.
Elias: Whaaa...
Marin: Come on, I raised six brothers and you're basically the seventh. Let me help you.
Elias: Fiiine.
Elias: This feels weird.
Marin: It is. It is weird.

Page 456[]

Elias: You don't have to baby me, I'll be fine. Mal and Ginger fought off five werewolves. I just got hit with some flowers by a guy in a tree.
Marin: And they can heal a lot faster because all the wolfsbane ended up on you.
Elias: Why this?
Marin: What? All my younger siblings loved when I styled their hair!
Vincent: Um, here.
Marin: Thank you!
Marin: Come on, let's get you rinsed and dressed.
Elias: Ugh, my legs feel like noodles.
Marin: Well, maybe by tomorrow they'll feel stiffer, like uncooked noodles.

Page 457[]

Marin: Hi! I hope you don't mind that I drop Eli off in your bed, Vincent! You room is closest!
Elias: Marin! What?!
Marin: Just let him sleep it off awhile, He'll be easier to move later after he's had some rest.
Vincent: Uh, okay?
Elias: Marin! Marin... you're mean... Very tall... and... mean.

Page 458[]

Elias: She's mean. Sorry... Sorry I'm stealing... ...your bed.
Vincent: Uh, it's fine. Are you okay?
Elias: Jus'... Ver' sleepy.
Elias: Thanks... Vince. They said... you took good care of me. I like that... You're... so nice. You're strong and nice.
Elias: I like... you... 'm... sleepy...

Page 460[]

Vincent: Greedy... I'm not gonna sit here and pet you all night, werewolf...
Vincent: I am trapped.

Page 461[]

Elias: Oh my god, I thought once we figured out how to get Aubrey and the others away from the creepy house, things would be fine. Who the hell are these scary shirtless werewolves showing up near my house?
Ginger: They smelled... related. Did I make that up or is that a thing?
Marin: Yes, that's a thing.
Ginger: Oh, then I think that pack is related.
Charlene: If they're here to try and take over this territory, then Mal, uh... It sounds like you need to get started on some paperwork.
Malaya: What do you mean?
Charlene: I mean, you need to decide how you're going to protect the area you live in. Oficially. With the coucnil.
Malaya: Uhh... I don't know who is even in my pack. I don't know what my territory is. Why would the council even listen to me?
Marin: We'll help you with all that, dear, I promise. Be right back, I'm going to go try and get Sara on the phone again.

Page 462[]

Voice Message: "You reached the voice mailbox of... "Sara Ross"... Please leave a message after the tone." <Beep!>
Marin: Sara isn't usually this difficult to get a hold of. We're still a few days from a full moon...
Maggie: Hello?
Marin: Maggie! It's Marin. Have you heard anything from your mom today?

Page 463[]

Maggie: Nope! I was supposed to meet mom an hour ago at her office, but her secretary said she didn't come in today. The Ross pack members near me finally agreed to restructure the pack with me as alpha for the northern territory, but like it's not like Mom to blow me off...
Marin: I've been trying to call Sara all day! Elias had a run in with some wolfsbane and I could really use her input...
Maggie: Oh no! Is he okay? Eli always gets knocked on his ass by wolfsbane. Dad could handle it pretty well. Ezra, too.
Marin: Uh, he seems better than he was?
Maggie: Oh, good?
Maggie: Well, I just pulled up to Mom's house, so I'll tell her to call you back.
Marin: Thank you! Have a good chat!
Maggie: Bye, Marin!
Maggie: Mom? I can smell taht you're home! I can hear pumpkin in the backyard, why is she locked outside?
Maggie: Hmm, no return address... "Happy Birthday! Dad." Wow, and it was postmarked only one month late this time. I can feel the love.

Page 464[]

Maggie: Mom? Dad didn't even give me any birthday money... Moooom?!
Maggie: Most of the scents are so stale... There's something else here, but I can't make it out.
Maggie: Come on, Pumpkin.