This category contains chapter synopses for each chapter of the webcomic How to be a Werewolf

Chapter 1 Edit

Malaya Walters is working at her family's coffee shop when a strange new customer starts sniffing around. When he shows up again under the full moon, she learns they have something in common.

Chapter 2 Edit

Malaya tells Elias all about how she was bit and how it was growing up as a werewolf in a human family.

Chapter 3: More Human Than Wolf or More Wolf Than Human? Edit

It's a stressful day at the café. Charlene asks Malaya what she wants from life. Elias starts teaching Malaya the basics of what it means to be a werewolf, but answers none of her questions. Then, when she's closing up, a stranger with glowing eyes appears in the darkened alley. Cornered and scared, Malaya feels something new and painful happening to her.

Chapter 4: I don't know how I feel about this. Edit

Elias and Marisa are hard at work trying to figure out who the mysterious undetectable werewolves of Crescent Lake are, but nothing is coming up. Meanwhile, Malaya is talking to her parents about all that's been happening, and all her fears, until she opens the door and finds a mutilated deer on her porch. When she is taking it back to the forest, she learns a little about her enemies... and also about her friends.

Chapter 5: Not in Equal Parts Edit

Marin shows up at the cafe and invites Malaya to go out in the woods with Elias and Marisa, to learn more about werewolves and maybe track down the mysterious witch that's been camouflaging the werewolves.

Chapter 6: What I left behind. Edit

Chapter 7: Found out about you Edit

Chapter 8: In Full Bloom Edit

Chapter 9: For Once, Then, Something Edit

Chapter 10: Something Precious to This Earth Edit

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