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This is the page to collect the character information for How to be a Werewolf.

Walters Pack[]

Walters Pack
Malaya Headshot Vincent Headshot Maria Headshot Elliot Headshot
Malaya Dysangco Walters Vincent Dysangco Walters Maria Dysangco Walters Elliot Walters
Elias Headshot Ginger Headshot Aubrey Headshot Harvey Headshot2
Elias Ross Ginger Aubrey Greensmith Harvey
Tim Headshot2 Marcus Headshot Marin Headshot Marisa Headshot
Tim Marcus Marin Grundy Marisa Salcedo

Ross Pack[]

Ross Pack
Sara Headshot Maggie Headshot Ezra Headshot Patty Headshot
Sara Ross Maggie Ross Ezra Ross Patricia Ross
Pumpkin Headshot Papa Ross Headshot Maggie Family Headshot Ezras Family Headshot
Pumpkin Andrew Sullivan Maggie's Husband and two Children Ezra's Wife and two Children

Connie's Wolves[]

Connie's Wolves
Connie Headshot Aubrey Headshot Harvey Headshot2 Marcus Headshot
Connie Greensmith Aubrey Greensmith Harvey Marcus
Tim Headshot2 Ginger Headshot Ziva Headshot
Tim Ginger Ziva Ross

Yardley Pack[]

Yardley Pack
Thomas Headshot Ella Headshot Lucas Headshot Julian Headshot
Thomas Yardley Ella Yardley Lucas Julian Yardley
Isaac Headshot Casey Headshot Abigail Headshot
Isaac Yardley Casey Carmichael Abigail Carmichael

Werewolf Council[]

Werewolf Council
Irena Headshot Massey Pack Headshot Natalie Headshot Julian Strong Headshot
Irena Vardinogiannis Phil & Charlotte Massey Natalie Strong Julian Strong
Rimbach Clan New Photo Vargas Pack Headshot Mavis Headshot Copeland-Fenstermaker Headshot
George & Lynn Rimbach Araceli & Marcelo Vargas Mavis Haynes Spencer Copeland &
Andy Fesntermaker
Troy Headshot Devereaux Pack New Picture Pete Headshot Young Pack Headshot
Troy Zbornak Cora Deveraux & Mckenzie Pete Lindström Leslie Young & Robert Meadows
Gardner Pack New Picture Marlin Headshot
Cherry, Beth, &
Alexa Gardner
Marlin Van Der Vliert

Witches and Familiars[]

Charlene Headshot Alphonsus Headshot Amandi Headshot Brenda Headshot
Charlene Masters Alphonsus Amandi Brenda
Eileen Headshot Terry Headshot Tracy Headshot Tree Ritual Leader Headshot
Eileen Terry Tracy Tree Ritual Leader

Other Supporting Characters[]

Supporting Characters
Joy Headshot Miguel Headshot Kiley Headshot Eric Headshot
Joy Miguel Kiley Seeger Eric Fazekas
Coffee Guy Headshot
The Rude Guy Professor Coletti