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Charlene Masters moved to Crescent Lake, Michigan from New Orleans only months before winter began. She works alongside Malaya at the coffee shop as a full-time employee. Her father works in New Orleans as a jazz musician and gives music lessons, while her mother is an English teacher.



Charlene is a tall woman with dark brown hair, brown skin, and dark eyes. She wears her hair natural and varies her hairstyle with loose curls, twists, locs, or the occasional updo depending on her mood.


Charlene is cool-headed and a little sarcastic, often teasing Malaya about the terrible customers they have to deal with. She claims that a beneficial side effect of the move is that she doesn't have to deal with the witches in New Orleans anymore. She sometimes mentions how too many witches in one place can cause trouble because they all drain magic from the same source: nature, which can lead to tensions in the community.

Charlene doesn't have a lot of patience for the weird, showy, hippy witch culture, most likely due to her experiences in New Orleans. She vibes a lot with Marisa, as her magic usage is much more practical.[1]



Charlene was born and raised in New Orleans. As an adult she worked at a local news station, describing herself in her work environment as a "no-nonsense person". One day she saw a vision of Malaya in werewolf form and decided to leave her old life behind to figure out the meaning behind the vision.

Powers and Abilities[]

Charlene's primary ability is to create illusions. Some of her illusions have some level of substance, such as the magic turtles she created to carry supplies. She likes to make her illusions pink sometimes as well.
Charlene gets random visions, such as the one that sent her to find Malaya. She can also get more specific visions from making contact with certain objects and people.[2]
Charlene has a familiar crow named Alphonsus and is able to communicate with him.
Tapping into Nature
After participating in the tree ritual, Charlene is able to communicate with the nature around her through the trees and sense the magic around them.[3]


  • Charlene's favorite color (for illusions, at least) is pink.[4]
  • Charlene has never been drawn with the same hairstyle twice. Every instance of her hairstyles can be found in her gallery. [5]
  • Charlene's boots on Page 217 are based on a pair of Born mid-calf boots. [6]
  • Charlene has the social skills to know how to make people do things.[7]
  • Charlene pledged to Delta Sigma Theta [8]
  • In a comment it was asked if any of the HTBAW cast were fans of twilight, with the answer being: "Marin wouldn't have had access to them, Malaya wouldn't probably have known about them from mostly being around her family. I'd take a guess that Marisa read Twilight and thought it was hilarious, and Charlene probably read them but secretly kind of liked them despite knowing they were nonsense lol"[9]
  • In an early height chart, Charlene's last name was originally King.[10]
  • Shawn has created a spotify playlist for How to be a Werewolf. Charlene has her own section in the playlist.