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Connie is a mysterious figure. Her little pack of odd werewolves were obviously not obtained through legal means, but she’s not overly concerned with that.

A very, very powerful witch (at least at some point!), Connie surrounds herself with plants in her near pitch-black office where she tolls away making money through various online endeavors. Despite the dilapidated house she and the pack live in, Connie often wastes her magic to maintain a perfect illusion around her.



Flora Conradine in her youth

Flora Conradine was a very powerful and famous witch, and her main ability was control over plants.

During a very complicated relationship with a werewolf called Thomas, she got pregnant and ran away from him, because they had previously agreed not to have any children, and she didn't want to move in with his pack.

After some time she calls Thomas asking to meet him again. She's already several months into the pregnancy and they get into a fight, because Flora does not agree to join Thomas's pack to get the magic she needs in order to make the baby grow. She tries to tie him up with a spell so he stays with her by force, but he manages to breaks free from the spell, scratch her with his wolf hands and runs away, leaving her to die.

Then Ziva shows up and gives Flora some energy, probably from an instinct to protect the unborn baby Aubrey. In the process, Ziva and Flora somehow become permanently connected, and Flora becomes capable of controlling Ziva's mind.

Flora then moves to a house in Crescent Lake, and gives birth to Aubrey. She also changes her name to Connie Greensmith, and uses energy from both Ziva and Aubrey in order to maintain several protection spells around the house. In her greed for more magical energy, she makes Ziva turn other people (usually kids) into werewolves, so that she can use them as batteries.

Connie's need for extra energy grew. The earth was taking more and more of it back, and her wards were costing ever more energy. Her wolves were using more of their energy for themselves. Maybe sensing that Thomas was approaching, Connie grew desperate and withdrew to her study at the back of the house to cast her wards. She channeled so much energy from the werewolves that they couldn't leave the house, and after a while, could hardly move. Finally, at the Full Moon, when the magic channeled through the wolves was strongest, her magical vines stretched out of the house and tried to capture Malaya, who had come to check on Aubrey and the rest. During the conflict, Aubrey freed her pack mates from the vines, and they were finally able to access the full power of the moon and transform fully. Then, Malaya figured out that they can take back the magic stolen from then, and all of Connie's wolves took back their energy and left her to deal with her magic debt.

Connie was last seen been swallowed by the earth, pulled down by her own magic vines.

Powers and Abilities[]

Connie is mainly skilled in plant manipulation magic. She was renown for her ability to nearly cast spells fast enough to match a werewolf's speed.[1] However, this was secretly boosted with her swiping magic from Tom. Her magic is typically portrayed with green vines, even when she is casting non-plant related spells such as wards.

Plant & Life Manipulation[]

Connie mainly uses her magic to manipulate vines to strike and constrict her opponents. During the final climax of Chapter 10, she was able to uses the vines as an extension of herself and drain the werewolves.

Her connection to plant magic also seemed to extend to any "organic material" as well, thus leading to her discovery and capability to use werewolves as magic batteries and even controlling Ziva as well. Through her possession of Ziva, she was able to learn how to enthrall and turn humans into werewolves.

Besides being able to drain werewolves, Connie is frequently seen draining the magic and thus life of plants and is also able to drain the magic from other cast spells, such as Charlene's illusion spells.

Other Magic[]

Connie is capable of casting a variety of other spells and wards to keep herself and the wolves she turned hidden. This ranges from fire protection wards on the house to spells to hide the scents of her werewolves.

Connie can also use healing magic.


  • Connie is Shawn's favorite character to write. [2]
  • All the parents in HTBAW are coming from different perspectives on parenting, with Connie the only one being bad at it.[3]
    • Connie's relationship with Aubrey is a foil to Maria and Malaya's. Though they share similar themes like hair touching, the intentions of Connie and Maria's actions are completely different. [4]
  • Connie is based on what's known as Cluster B personality disorders, specifically Narcissistic Personality Disorder. [5]