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Elias Ross is a tall lanky fellow with stylishly unkempt hair who is first and foremost a nice person. His willingness to help others sometimes blinds him to larger consequences, but for him, the good outweighs the bad.

The alpha of his pack had been grooming him to take the reins of Ross Pack in due time. Elias's father isn't a part of his life. He has three siblings, two of which are werewolves. His sister, Patty, is the sole human in the immediate family.



Elias is nearly six feet tall with a lanky frame. Due to his being a werewolf, he is much stronger than he appears. He likes to dress in worn out jeans and loose shirts, possibly to accommodate the change. He has green eyes and medium length wavy brown hair.

Werewolf Form[]

Elias's fur is nearly identical to his human hair in form and color. He's not quite as bulky as Malaya as a werewolf, but he is nearly as tall. His experience and training as a werewolf shows when he fights. When running, Elias is considered to be faster than the others.


Elias is a good-natured soul whose impetuous nature leads him to offering himself before he considers all of the ramifications. It's this and his desire to help others that lead to his wanting to help Malaya and her family. Because of his having been a werewolf his whole life, he doesn’t want her to have to keep living in fear of who she really is. He also has a bit of a crush on her brother, Vincent.


Vincent's kidnapping[]

As befits his nature, no sooner did he learn of Vincent's kidnapping that he dove right in and began making phone calls. One call was to his mother, the alpha of Ross Pack. He tried to enlist the help of the pack through her and was told no. Because it involved another werewolf pack, rogue or not, the Werewolf Council of Michigan would need to be consulted and approval given before the pack could make a move. Not only was he told no, he was told that if he or any other Ross Pack members went on their own, they would be expelled from the pack, pending an investigation. So, of course, that's just what he did.

He botched the initial rescue attempt and ended up in the basement of the creepy house after fighting with, and losing to, Connie's Wolves. He claims he did more damage to them then they did to him and that he would have won if it wasn't for Tim landing a lucky kick to his head. During the escape from the creepy house's basement, Elias would have lost again if not for Malaya's intervention.


Elias comes from a big, established werewolf pack, and lives about an hour away from Malaya’s hometown. While his siblings were playing games, participating in sports, just being kids, and, for Maggie and Ezra, learning how to be werewolves, Elias was helping his mother, being her able assistant, and training to become the next alpha. As they got older, Ezra and Maggie graduated high school, found jobs, moved away from Crescent Lake, got married and started families. When Elias and his human baby sister Patty graduated high school, Patty went on to study Marine Biology in Florida.

Due to how thin and spread out their pack has become, Elias kept fairly close to home by his mother, who usually uses him to investigate small things nearby and help take care of day-to-day pack operations. He has struggled to find his place in the world, feeling rather restless being kept under his mother’s thumb, and this may contribute to how quickly he was willing to throw himself into helping Malaya.


With the decision to expel him from the pack, Elias friends have helped him with housing and employment. Elias is being considered for membership in Walters Pack and is an employee of the Red Moon Coffee Shop.


  • Elias's name is pronounced El-ee-as, while his nickname Eli is pronounced Eee-lai.[1]
  • Elias's preferred coffee is a flavored latte.[2][3]
  • Elias celebrates Hannukkah.[4]
  • Elias's texting style is based off of Shawn's. [5]
  • Elias likes to take a lot of selfies.[6]
  • Elias drives a 1997 Buick Lesabre. It has a CD player, a tape player and power seats. [7]
  • Elias listens to classic rock mixed with "literally anything else that he just enjoys,” and is most likely a Taylor Swift fan.[8]
  • Elias is vers, as implied by his pitcher and catcher innuendo. [9]
  • Elicent is Elias and Vincent's ship name. [10]
  • In an interview, Shawn mentions that Elias, along with Vincent, are the most fun characters to write. [11]
  • Shawn has created a spotify playlist for How to be a Werewolf. Elias and Vincent share their own section in the playlist.
  • The Elias and Vincent's baseball scene in Chapter 8 was originally going to be a cafeteria scene [12]
  • Elias is a little bit scared of Charlene, as he knows almost nothing about her and can't get a read on her at all. [13]
  • In an early comic that started the idea for How to be a Werewolf, it is mentioned that the two featured characters were a proto-Elias and a proto-Marin. [14]