Elias is first and foremost, a nice person. His willingness to help others sometimes blinds him to larger consequences, but for him, the good outweighs the bad. He wants to help Malaya and her family because having been a werewolf his whole life, he doesn’t want her to have to keep living in fear of who she really is. Also, he has a bit of a crush on her brother, Vincent. Elias comes from a big, established werewolf pack, and lives about an hour away from Malaya’s hometown. His older sister is married and raising a family, only tenuously still connected to her home pack but intent on starting her own, and his younger sister is human and at college studying to become a doctor. He has one older brother who travels as an ambassador of sorts for their pack. Due to how thin and spread out their pack has become, Elias is by default kept fairly close to home by his mother, who usually uses him to investigate small things nearby and help take care of day-to-day pack operations. He has struggled to find his place in the world, feeling rather restless being kept under his mother’s thumb, and this may contribute to how quickly he’s been willing to throw himself into helping Malaya.

Knowledge Edit

  • A large understanding of the world of werewolves, magic, and witches.
  • No knowledge about coffee.

Trivia Edit

  • Prefered coffee is a Vanilla Latte
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