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Ella is Thomas's daughter and is a member of Yardley Pack. She acts as the intermediate between Thomas and Natalie Strong, making sure he signs documents for the proposal. [1]



Referred to as Babe by Lucas, perhaps tongue in cheek, Thomas's daughter is a young woman, apparently in her mid-twenties, with styled short brown hair and brown eyes. Short in stature, she has an athletic build with pale unblemished skin.

Werewolf Form[]

Her short stature carries over to her werewolf form, apparently barely topping six feet. Her curly fur is a lighter brown than her human form. She is bulkier as a werewolf than the other women in the pack.


Having grown up with an overprotective father, she has learned to stand up for herself and to stand up to her father. She also seems to be good at fending off men in general, keeping Lucas at arm's length.


Ella is Lucas's girlfriend. She likes that he can fly.[2] According to Amandi, Lucas "disappeared to chase his werewolf girlfriend." [3]. Despite his carefree personality, Lucas cares deeply for Ella.