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Ella is Thomas's daughter and is a member of Yardley Pack. She acts as the intermediate between Thomas and Natalie Strong, making sure he signs documents for the proposal. [1]



Referred to as Babe by Lucas, perhaps tongue in cheek, Thomas's daughter is an eighteen year old woman (seven years younger than her half-sister, Aubrey), with styled short brown hair and brown eyes. Short in stature, she has an athletic build with pale unblemished skin.

Werewolf Form[]

Her short stature carries over to her werewolf form, apparently barely topping six feet. Her curly fur is a lighter brown than her human form. She is bulkier as a werewolf than the other women in the pack.


Having grown up with an overprotective father, she has learned to stand up for herself and to stand up to her father. She also seems to be good at fending off men in general, keeping Lucas at arm's length.


While in Ohio, Ella met Lucas's at a werewolf council event in high school and have been dating since.[2] According to Amandi, Lucas had "disappeared to chase his werewolf girlfriend."[3]

After the demise of Connie, Thomas gathered members of his pack, Ella included, to leave Ohio and reclaim his the territory of his birth-place, Crescent Lake. Ella and the Yardley pack first appear when they ambush Elias, Vincent, and Ginger during their search for Kirtland's warblers' nests. Though the Yardley pack camp and live outside in the woods, Ella acts as the main source of communication through her laptop between her pack and the Werewolf council, and is mainly in contact with Natalie Strong. Because of her current life style, she occasionally has to go to town to charge her laptop, and accidently wandered into the Red Moon Cafe.[4] Despite their packs being at odds with each other, Malaya peadcefully let her stay, charge her devices, and even left her food and coffee on the house.

Before the meeting with the Werewolf Council, Lucas returned to the pack but was rejected by Tom due to Lucas being cut off from the magic of the forest. Tired of the way her father was treating her boyfriend, Ella took her belongings, grabbed Lucas, and ran away from the pack, causing the Yardleys to be absent from the meeting, while also angering Tom.[5]

Since then, the two have been running from Tom, with Lucas using Ella's magic to maintain a sound proofing spell. The two encounter Elias and Vincent just as Ella reached her limit supplying magic for Lucas. Tom eventually catches up to them, but Lucas manages to swipe some magic from Tom while he's distracted fighting Elias and Vincent. Ella wakes up from the magic transferred over by Lucas and rejects Tom as her Alpha, and makes her escape with Lucas as he swipes a bit more magic from Elias.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a werewolf, Ella has the usual capabilities of werewolves, with their enhanced senses, strength, accelerated healing, and resistance to injury.

Fighting Style[]

The Yardley Pack's fighting style is to act as one unit together, making it difficult to tell them apart from each other. As Tom trains each of his members himself, they all use similar fighting styles and are scrappy and ruthless when need be. [2]


  • According to one of Shawn's comments, Ella's mom still lives back in Ohio. She is still included on either her mom's phone plan or another pack member like Abigail.[6]
  • Ella likes that Lucas can fly.[7]