Elliot Walters is the manager of his family's popular off-campus coffee shop. He is married to Maria Walters and has two children.

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Elliot is a relatively tall, late fifties man of no particular heritage, standing about six foot two inches with the pale complexion of his Caucasian background. His once athletic build has given way to the stocky build of a mature man, and his once dark hair has become salted with gray. His eyes are still blue.

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Elliot's a dedicated, self-made man who puts his family first in all things. So far he seems to be a man who will see through to the end what he begins. He is a patient and compassionate man who, like his wife, is fiercely protective of his family, but he remains a caring and gentle man.

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Opening the Coffee Shop Edit

Starting in high school, Elliot worked around the clock to keep the cafe afloat. By the time he met Maria Dysangco when he was twenty-seven(citation needed), he had succeeded in his dream of owning the shop. Her enthusiastic praise of his coffee prompted him to offer to make her coffee forever. After marriage, he continued to work in the shop while Maria went on to get a job teaching at the university. As they got older, the children joined him working at the coffee shop.

The Attack on Malaya Edit

Elliot's daughter, Malaya, was attacked and bitten by a werewolf at age five. At the first full moon after the attack, Malaya's body tried to transform but was only able to partially change. Her temper became unpredictable and she tried to attack her mother. Maria dodged the attack and managed to keep her contained. Elliot and his wife decided to keep young Malaya at home and homeschool her. They continued to protect and coddle her for all her life.

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