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Ezra is Elias's older brother. He occasionally acts as an ambassador for his mother to the other packs of the Werewolf Council. When the Ross Pack manages to split up, Ezra will be the alpha of one of the new packs.


Maggie and Ezras Families

Maggie and Ezra's Families

He lives with his wife and two children. Though he hasn't been shown much, he is described to be a "quiet, stoic guy who doesn't say much, so he'll go along with whatever Sara and Maggie decide."[1]

Ezra and Maggie aren't super interested in becoming alphas of smaller packs, given that they have their families and jobs to focus on, but recognize that they don't have a lot of options, thus causing a slow process with low motivation.[2]

In the notes section of page 137, its mentioned that Ezra lives somewhere in southern Michigan.[3]


  • Ezra and his father can handle wolfsbane pretty well.[4]