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Ginger was bitten as a child and abducted by Connie Greensmith. She remembers nothing of her old life, not even her birth name.

Living with Connie, Ginger barely qualified as a werewolf, and resented being taken away from a normal life that she can’t remember. She could barely begin to transform, felt largely useless in fights, and had a hard time relating to the other werewolves in her pack. As Connie’s favorite, she was coddled often as a child, and even as she grew up, Connie still dictated most of what Ginger wore. (Connie had a lot of time to shop online from her creepy office, after all.) Ginger wasn’t particularly scared of Connie, but wasn’t willing to stand up to her either. Ginger subtly rebelled with her multiple ear piercings, courtesy of Harvey and some not-entirely-sanitary conditions. Ginger was obsessed with the idea of living a normal life one day, and spent a lot of her time begging new books off of Connie in order to gain a basic education[1].



Werewolf Form[]






  • Ginger was featured in Shawn's #drawthisinyourstylechallenge in 2020.
  • Ginger is the "golden child" under Connie's narcissistic parenting.[2]
  • Ginger's arc is meant to parallel Malaya's, though contrast on how they perceive their path to learning how to be a werewolf. [3]
  • Shawn has created a spotify playlist for How to be a Werewolf. Aubrey, Harvey, Marcus, Ginger, and Tim have their own section in the playlist.