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Harvey is formerly one of the wolves from the creepy house, and later joins the Walters Pack.



Harvey has a slim, lanky build and has long, wavy, brown hair. She tends to opt for a more androgynous fashion sense.

Werewolf Form[]


Harvey often vies for Aubrey's place as leader of their odd pack and has no problem calling Aubrey out on her bullshit. She’s not a fan of Connie in the least, but she stays aloof out of fear. She’s not the most cuddly person and can come off as rather abrasive, but she does have a deep love for her pack mates and is very protective of all of them. Harvey is smarter than she realizes[1].



Like most of her pack, Harvey was bitten at age 4 through Connie/Ziva and abducted to live at the creepy house. Though she doesn't remember much from before she got bitten, she remembers learning math from her parents and how they made her feel.[2] It is later discovered that she went missing at age 4 from Dayton Ohio, and was last seen hiking in the Argonne Forest approximately 3pm in June from a missing child poster.


Harvey spent the rest of her childhood to adulthood at the creepy house with the rest of her pack, resenting Connie and often avoiding her. Though she was the most reluctant of the pack, she still participated in Aubrey's schemes.

After being freed from Connie's control, Harvey began to live in the woods camping, along with Marcus and Tim. Though she would participate in werewolf training and the politics of becoming part of Malaya's pack, Harvey is more preoccupied with her mental state, still unable to process the trauma of being under Connie.

Powers and Abilities[]

Of the five wolves, Harvey along with Marcus are the least trained werewolves, still somewhat incapable of fully utilizing their transformation. She has also felt the least comfortable about sparring and honing her werewolf side.

Fighting Style[]

Harvey is strong-willed and is often the first to jump first to attack. She also has a preference to use tools/weapons, most notably throwing her hatchet in the fight between Malaya's and Thomas's pack.[3] This is also reflected when she found a scythe and knife to try to cut the vines all over the creepy house.


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