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How to be a Werewolf is a long-form, ongoing serial, written and illustrated by Shawn Lenore, that was started in February 2015. The comic updates every Tuesday and Wednesday.

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If you are new to the world of How to be a Werewolf, you might consider reading the online webcomic first and coming back here to ask questions. Browsing the wiki, while entertaining and informative, will spoil some of the surprises that Shawn sprang on her readers. Keep in mind also that if you find something here that has yet to be revealed at the point you are reading, don't bring it up in the comic's comments section. Instead, bring your questions here and someone will try to get back to you.

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Full Moon News[]

Myk Streja Myk Streja 13 July

Long time gone

I been away a while. COVID did more damage than I knew, and then my computer failed me. When I got back, Fandom had made some serious changes. The jury's still out and it took some finagling to get the look of the wiki back. Seems there's been changes in the infobox structures too, leaving some oddities on some pages. I'll get there ... or someone will.

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Myk Streja Myk Streja 7 January

Created local Manual of Style...

The Policy & Guideline page had become unwielding and difficult to navigate, so I broke out all of the key elements to individual pages and simplified expectations and requirements. The Guidelines page is now simply that, a list of expected behaviors, in other words, it's for how you behave. The new and improved Manual of Style is for how you create. I hope these changes improve your experience here.

Please take the time to visit these pages and …

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