How to be a Werewolf Wiki

Since being bitten by a strange wolf as a child, Malaya Walters has attempted to live a quiet life … hopefully a life free of attempting to eat her family or the customers at her family’s coffee shop. Being the only werewolf she’s ever known, Malaya has managed her condition by keeping tight control on herself and the world around her, with lackluster results. That is, until a strange guy wanders into her shop one day and introduces her to a whole world she never knew existed…

That strange young man, named Eli, had walked into the Red Moon Café and proceeded to embarrass himself. After a short time, he introduced himself to Malaya as a werewolf, something she hadn't known, and hadn't known how to know. He further revealed that there were others and she didn't have to go it alone. Malaya resisted at first, but keeping in mind her family's safety, she was convinced to start learning How to be a Werewolf.

Much to her dismay and concern, Malaya discovered that werewolves were not the only things out there that go bump in the night. She discovered that witches were a 'thing', too, although, when she asked, she was told that no one had ever met a vampire … at least not and lived to tell of it. She also discovered that witches and werewolves had something huge in common: the energy produced by all living things that can be expressed as magic.

Malaya's first encounter with the corrupt side of the magical world was actually related to what had happened when she was attacked as a child. A witch, named Flora Conradine, liked to live large, and quite beyond the means of her magical talent. When her werewolf magical energy supply left after he found out she had been stealing energy from him, she realized she needed to find another source of magic. She had pulled so much out of the earth without ever giving back, that the earth was no longer allowing her access.

She was discovered in the woods, pregnant and dying, by an old werewolf who, due to her age, had become a full-on wolf, living out her next life as a creature of the forest. The old wolf nursed Flora, who now called herself Connie Greensmith, to health and the birth of her child, Aubrey. The wolf and the witch became bound over time, and Connie was able to control the old wolf. It was always a struggle to get what she needed from her. The witch started sending the wolf out to abduct and bite little children, and bring them back to Connie so she could raise them to be her supply of magic.

Malaya had been the first attempt at abducting a child, and it failed because the old wolf had failed to completely enthrall the child Malaya before the sound of her parents' voices had broken the captivation. After an aborted run to the emergency room – they were not going to explain the blood with no wounds, things seemed normal until the next full moon, when sweet little Malaya gave her family a hair-raising surprise. Getting used to her new reality is what led to Malaya being a bit of a recluse. In her mind, she was keeping people safe from what she could become, even eschewing a college education. The inciting event was when she attacked her toddler brother, Vincent, in a fit of pique and gave him the scar that he bears even today.

In the years that passed, Connie gathered four children and was raising them in a run-down house not very far from where Malaya lives. It's this proximity that leads to the next contretemps in her life when Connie decides she needs to take back the one that got away. She sends her daughter to try to first persuade, and when that doesn't work, then force Malaya to join the illegitimate pack that Connie has formed. This is when Charlene, Mal's friend and fellow café worker reveals that she is, in fact, a witch, and she uses her powers to chase off Aubrey and company.

Through out the comic there are various subplots that indirectly impact Malaya's life and situation. Several romances, even though there is none for Malaya. Recurring characters who seem to have nothing to do with the story, and yet…

Come along with us as Malaya grows into herself and reluctantly becomes what we all see coming, an alpha of her own pack of wolves, and not just humans. And cringe with fear as she faces the most horrifying hell of all: werewolf pack bureaucracy in the form of the Werewolf Council as she seeks permission to form a pack. But who is this laying claim by birthright? An old friend come back to haunt Crescent Lake?