Howl at the Moon

Howl at the moon!

How to be a Werewolf Wiki is just getting off the ground and doesn't have a whole lot of editors yet. In light of that fact, we haven't been able to establish mentoring groups or vandal patrols. For now, the best we can offer is to help each other and look out for the wiki ourselves.

Getting help Edit

Initially, you can go to our Help page library and see if there might be an answer there. Keep in mind that we are our own wiki. What might work elsewhere might not work here, and vice versa. Every wiki has its own set of work-arounds. Look over existing pages and see how others have done it, or go to other wikis and see if there is something you can adapt. If what you find is unique or proprietary, ask permission and give credit when it's used. If you are told no, move on.

Practicing in a sandbox might be best. Set one up by going to your User Page (mouse-over the symbol next to Search on the FANDOM navigation bar and select View Profile from the drop-down menu). In the Address bar, add /Sandbox to the url and press enter. Don't forget the forward slash. Click on Create and away you go! Don't forget to publish your sandbox, even if it's empty, so you don't have to recreate it every time you need it. You should bookmark it in your browser for later reference. If you have trouble, look up how to create a new page off of an existing page, or you could leave a comment below.

Of course, you can always just grab hold of your courage and jump in the deep end. No one's life is in mortal danger if you mess up, and whatever mistakes you make, we can undo them. Or you can.

Reporting vandalism/abuse Edit

We don't have a dedicated vandal patrol or administrator corp to chase down bad guys. At the moment, we have two administrators, and one of those is busy writing and drawing. All of us here at How to be a Werewolf are deputies in the war on vandalism. We haven't attracted any attention yet, but sure as death and taxes, the trolls will find us.

Vandalism can be construed as malicious editing for the express purpose of damaging the wiki, page blanking to destroy content, adding content for the purpose of self-promotion or promoting content unrelated to the wiki, or adding content meant to be offensive or disgusting.

Vandalism can also take the form of improper or offensive or pornographic images. We won't get into a discussion here about what pornography is simply because the only images here should be from the comic or provided by the author.

If you find vandalism, simply revert the vandalism using the undo button and leave a warning on the vandal's Wall page. More than likely it was just some random troll passing through. If it keeps happening, in the same place or others by the same user, drop a comment at the bottom of this page. If no one gets to it in a reasonable amount of time, drop me a note on my wall: Myk Streja's wall

The following are the steps for addressing a vandal:

  • Three warnings from wiki editors less than a week apart from each other.

An administrator is alerted at this time.

  • First block comes after the three warnings and is for three days
  • Second block comes if the vandalism continues after the first block is lifted and is for seven days.
  • Third time is the charm. If the vandalism continues after the seven-day block, the account is blocked indefinitely, essentially banned for life.
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