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Policies and Guidelines are put in place to help define expectations for our community. There are no hard and fast rules, and for the most part they are fairly simple to understand and follow. That being said, actions will be taken for those who can't respect others work.

Please, take a moment to read these Policies and Guidelines.

Guidelines Edit

Guidelines are in place mostly to remind others of what they already know. Sometimes they define matters so everyone knows where they stand. And sometimes they're in place to let others know what will happen if they don't follow the guidelines. Mostly they're about expected and accepted behavior.

Editor Guidelines Edit

Jump right in! Don't be afraid to get started. Anyone is free to edit here, so simply click edit or add a new page and get started!

Practice open-mindedness & assume good faith. Since sites are open to edit by anyone, users of all skill levels and opinions are welcome to participate. We assume that most people who work on a wiki are trying to help it, not hurt it. If this weren't true, a project would be doomed from the beginning.

Be nice and treat people with respect. Being friendly goes a long way, no matter where you are. Say hello to others, welcome new users, provide help when you can, and ask others if you need assistance. Being nice and treating people with respect can greatly impact the growth and success of this wiki community. One of the best ways to do this is to remember that the user you're speaking to is an actual person, not a computer screen, so treat people as you would if you were talking to them face-to-face

Contribute what you find most interesting and informative. Everyone who reads How to be a Werewolf comes away with information that others may have missed. And, of course, the inverse applies: someone caught a detail that you may have skipped past. Here is where you can share what you've read and meet like-minded people.

Don't be disruptive. When we say disruptive, that means your behavior is starting to affect other people and their ability to engage on How to be a Werewolf. This includes spam, vandalism, and anything else that takes people's attention away from the matter at hand towards what you're doing.

Spread the word! A community is only as strong as all of its members. The more it has, the stronger (and more successful) it will become. So invite your friends and other users who may be interested in How to be a Werewolf to start spending time here, and give them tips on how to get the most out of their experience.

Ask for help. If you are confused or need help, just ask! There are a lot of useful resources here, including our Help Pages, Support Forums, local admins, and Staff. Live help may also be available on the Discord server. No question is too small!

Administrator Guidelines Edit

Administrators are present in this community to help keep things running smoothly. They clean up spam and vandalism, they intervene in disruptive behavior, they encourage participation, and they keep things on track. Here are some general guidelines we ask that our administrators follow on How to be a Werewolf:

Revert and block simple spam and vandalism. If it clearly doesn’t belong here, make it go away. Remember to erase auto-deletion summaries. If it looks like a user needs to be banned globally, report the situation to a member of the SOAP.

Be fair. Consider situations carefully before acting on them. If a user makes an honest mistake, give them the opportunity to learn and improve.

Encourage participation. Be friendly and welcoming to members, help them get to know How to be a Werewolf, and support their interactions.

Keep things structured, but not too structured. Do your best to support and maintain the goals and organization of the wiki, but be flexible about growth and change.

Adhere to direction from Fandom Staff. Talk to a staff member before making any major wiki changes, and before blocking any active, regular community members.

Policies Edit

The following policies and layouts are intended to provide a framework that keeps the wiki consistent for the users and editors of this wiki. By doing things this way, anyone can see where information may need to be added when future episodes of the story are released. Shawn Lenore has kept her characters consistent and familiar, the least we can do is build the wiki in the same fashion.

These policies are not all encompassing, not at all. Other policies will be created, when they are needed. They can be changed with a consensus of editors or if it's just plain too obvious. Others will be deleted when they stop being useful.

There will not be any consequences for not following these policies as long as you acted in good faith. That being said, it would be better if the policies are followed.

Images Edit

As with anywhere else, image copyrights need to be respected. No image will be accepted that violates an owner's rights to the image.

That said, Shawn has stated that any images we capture, grab or edit either from the webcomic, the comment section of the webcomic, or her Twitter feed are free to use IN THIS WIKI ONLY! This type of license is an Author's Permission license. The images are to be captured and used in a manner that does not distort the meaning of the image, nor are the images to be modified or defaced in a manner that might be considered disrespectful, obscene, profane or otherwise offensive. The administration reserves the right to delete such images without recourse and curtail the poster's privileges.

For images that come from outside the webcomic, we cannot accept images that have had the rights purchased by the poster as those rights apply to a single user, and this wiki by definition would imply multiple users. 'Giving' the image to the wiki would be a violation of the copyright and the buyer's agreement. There are plenty of Public Domain and Free for Nonprofit Use images out there on the internet that this should never be an issue. Fair Use doesn't apply here since the author has already given permission.

Licensing Templates Edit

To apply a license to an image file, select the Edit button on the upper right corner. When the edit window opens, look for a Licensing header. If it's there, you're done. Likely it's not, so do the following:

  • Type in ==Licensing== and press Enter
  • Select one of the following templates ( {{example}} ) and type it in:
    • {{permission}} for Permission by Copyright Owner
    • {{PD}} for Public Domain: free for all for any use
    • {{self}} for Self Copyright by Image Owner, i.e. Shawn Lenore here
    • {{other free}} for Free for reasons not otherwise covered
    • {{From Wikimedia}} for images first uploaded at Wikipedia, etc.
    • {{cc-by-sa-3.0}} for Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license; see CC-BY-SA 3.0
  • Save the file information when done.

Sources Edit

The primary source of information for this wiki is the content of the comic, i.e. everything contained in the comic pages.

The official Characters page created by the author and found at the website can also be used as a source, but when citing the page, the latest web archive version found at The Wayback Machine is to be used to ensure that, in the event of a change, the information won't be lost.

Author's comments should not be used as a source due to their impermanent nature and being subject to change without notice. The same applies to the author's Twitter account. The information is not archived and therefore eventually lost. However, the information provided is usually a clue to something coming up in the comic.

Grammar and Punctuation Edit

For the purposes of this wiki, the following manuals will be used to guide and inform the writing of this wiki, and to be used as the authority of last resort:

These reference materials are encyclopedic in nature, and you are not expected to read either or both of them in their entirety. Mostly just use them to answer questions.

Accepted Rules of Punctuation Edit

The following rules are explicitly laid down as rules for situations that have caused dissension elsewhere. These rules rely on the two listed authorities, but they cover any rules that are not hard and fast, or are left to the writer's discretion.

  1. The use of an apostrophe (') to indicate a possessive noun shall be as follows:
    • An (') alone shall be used when the pronunciation of the possessive noun sounds like there is only one "s", such as the Walters' house.
    • An ('s) shall be used when the pronunciation of the possessive noun sounds like there are two "s", such as the Jones's house.
    • The above rule applies to common, improper and proper nouns, no exceptions. If you don't follow this rule, there will be no consequences, of course, but someone will likely come along later and edit it into compliance. Arbitration will always follow the rules.
  2. According to HTML5 rules, <br>,<br/> and <br /> all code as HTML line breaks and are considered interchangeable. The difference is important only to XML coding.
    • For the purposes of this wiki, which ever way the tag first appears in a document should be the way it appears for the rest of the document. If you have a real preference, feel free to change all you can find as long as the above policy is adhered to, but do not try to chide other editors about the way they use the tag.

Referencing Edit

The purpose of citing references is to be sure that credit is given where due. Place the footnote to the right of the sentence being cited; if it's placed at the end of a sentence, place it before the final punctuation, if possible. Using the layouts presented will make the reference listing at the bottom of the page far easier to read and follow.

Use this format to cite information from the story:
<ref>[page_url Chapter # Page #]</ref>

Use this format to cite information from the Wayback Machine:
<ref>[archive_url Character referenced ]</ref>

Citing websites other than How to be a Werewolf:
This wiki is not an encyclopedia, so our references don't need to be as rigorous as Wikipedia…and it's not anticipated that many external citations will be used. The following will suffice:
<ref>[1][url[2][3] urlname[4]], pname[5], pdate[6], Retrieved retrieved_date[7]</ref>

  1. Any bold text, brackets and commas stay as they are.
  2. Publication or website url
  3. Leave a space between url and urlname
  4. Publication or website name
  5. Publication or website author's name (leave out if not known)
  6. Date publication or website was written/posted
  7. Date the article or website was found/retrieved

Use the name= parameter if the same story page is cited more than once on a page.

Interwiki links do not have to be footnoted since they lead the user to' the information instead of quoting it.

Chapter Pages Edit

To keep the chapter pages somewhat consistent, the following layout should be used:

Chapter page format Edit

First line
== Chapter Title ==
As an example, for Chapter 8 the Chapter Title is In Full Bloom.
So the line should read: == In Full Bloom == using Header 2 markup (==), replacing Chapter Title with the actual title.
  • In a break with policy, every word of the title should be capitalized. This follows the author's style.
Second line
<sup><i>Pages ''first'' through ''last'' inclusive. Total pages: ##</i></sup>
This provides basic information about the chapter. Fill in the data as appropriate.
Third line
Just leave it blank. For now. Who knows?
Fourth line
{{ChapterNav|#}}[[File:Chap#_cover.jpg|thumb|<center>Cover art for Chapter #</center>]]
This is the ChapterNavigation gadget — see {{ChapterNav|<#>}} for further information — followed immediately by the cover image code. The format of the image is required. The image comes directly from the comic and should be renamed to match the filename format.
Replace the # with the chapter number.
Body of content
Starting at the fifth line, this is the meat and potatoes of the article. It is a detailed write-up of the chapter that should follow closely to the comic, staying in present tense except where really necessary. It should at a minimum touch on the high (and low) points of the chapter and any lore that's revealed. It should follow the story page by page, adding references as each page of the comic is done. See Referencing for formatting the footnotes.
As a flourish, the first word should be formatted '''bold'''. If the first word is only one or two letters, the first two words are used. Leave a blank line at the end of the page body (hit Enter twice).
Last six lines
{{ChapterNav|#}}{{Navbox character list}}
This line left blank.
== References ==
__NOEDITSECTION__ <!--- No section edit link --->
These six lines need to be entered exactly as shown. This is the style for Chapter pages of this wiki. For other wikis, the fourth line is optional or might say things like Index or Footnotes. The fifth line depends on the wiki. Wikipedia, for instance, uses several templates, depending on usage. For this wiki, the {{Reflist}} template is now in use.

Character Pages Edit

The purpose of the Character Pages is to catalog the characters who live in the pages of How to be a Werewolf. They are also meant to refresh the reader's memory of the character in the event of the character's, or the reader's, long term absence from the story.

Character page name Edit

The character page name should be first name and last name only, e.g. Malaya Walters.

All characters will get their own page, including married couples, unless the characters are very minor, i.e. one line of text.

The character's first name should be redirected to the character page; e.g. Malaya redirects to Malaya Walters.

If the character has middle names, the full name should redirect to the character page; e.g. Malaya Dysangco Walters redirects to Malaya Walters.

If the character has an alias, the alias and the first name of the alias should both redirect to the character page; e.g. both Flora and Flora Conradine should redirect to Connie Greensmith.

Be careful that the only target for redirects is the character page; e.g. Flora should not be redirected to Flora Conradine. If you should do so by mistake, notify an admin, and it will be adjusted.

Character Template Edit

As required by the wiki project, the {{Character}} infobox template must be used on Character pages.
It must be the top entry of the page being edited.
Use this vertical layout when editing.
Best use is to copy/paste this layout to the page being edited.

 | name             = 
 | image            = 
 | imagecaption     = 
 | aliases          = 
 | affiliation      = 
 | relatives        = 
 | marital          = 
 | species          = 
 | birthday         = 
 | age              = 
 | gender           = 
 | birthPlace       = 
 | deathPlace       = 
 | height           = 
 | heightWolf       = 
 | eyes             = 
 | hair             = 
 | haircut          = 
 | firstAppearance  = 
Fill in the data as
shown where applicable:
character's complete name
image of character
all characters in the picture
nickname, nickname, etc.
[[pack name]] (role)
[[name]] (relation) <br/> etc. 
only number; no "years old"
... as a human
... as a werewolf
eye color
(primary) hair color
(primary) hair style
[page_url Chapter .. Page ..] 

"..." just means normal text

  • All entries are to be Capitalized. No exceptions.
  • Do not delete unused entries; just leave them blank.
  • Do not removes spaces; it keeps it easy to read.
  • Permitted image file types: png, gif, jpg, jpeg
  • If birthPlace/deathPlace is questionable, follow with (?)
    • example: birthPlace = Michigan(?)
  • eyes can be dual; if mentioned, might be different human to wolf
  • Entries for firstAppearance will be in the format of: Chapter # Page #

The parameter fullname has been deprecated for this wiki only.

Character page body Edit

The body of the page starts immediately below the Character infobox in edit mode and should be laid out as follows:

[1]The lede acts like a briefing of the character.
[2]== Description ==
[3]=== Appearance ===
[4]=== Werewolf Form ===
[5]=== Personality ===
[6]== Background ==
[7]=== (Some major event) ===
[8]=== Childhood ===
[9]=== Adulthood ===
[10]== Powers and Abilities ==
[11]== Trivia ==

  • (after cut-and-paste of the above, remove the numerals and brackets)
  • (the horizontal rules (----) need to stay where they are)
  1. This is a full synopsis of the character. The character name should be in the first sentence and in bold
  2. The title of the section. No text follows.
  3. A detailed description of the character's appearance.
  4. A detailed description of the character's werewolf form, if applicable.
  5. A detailed description of the character's personality.
  6. This section is more fluid based on how well the character is treated in the story. No text follows.
  7. This first entry header is predicated on a shaping event.
  8. Even if scant, list what's available. If none, refrain from using the header.
  9. Anything relevant from the character's adult experience.
  10. The following section is an unbulleted description list of the witch's powers and abilities.
  11. This section is a bullet list of trivia related to the character.

The Description and Background headers must always be used.

Character page reference list Edit

The last two lines of the page will be:
(a blank line)
== References ==

This will create the list of footnotes added to the body.

Faction Pages Edit

The purpose of the Faction Pages is to catalog the factions, also known as groups or packs, who live in the pages of How to be a Werewolf. They are also meant to be playlists of how the various characters interact with each other.

Faction page name Edit

The faction page name should be the proper name of the pack or group presented, without the word 'the' unless it's integral to the name.

Faction Template Edit

As required by the wiki project, the {{Faction}} infobox template must be used on Faction pages.
It must be the top entry of the page being edited.
Use this vertical layout when editing.
Best use is to copy/paste this layout to the page being edited.

 | name         = 
 | image        = 
 | imagecaption = 
 | status       = 
 | formation    = 
 | leader       = 
 | members      = 
 | applicants   = 
 | allies       = 
 | enemies      = 
 | other        = 
Fill in the data as
shown where applicable:
name presented on top header
image of faction
describe the image
Stable|Forming up|Fracturing|Claiming new territory
Split off from ...
Leader's name (role)
[[name]] (race) <br/> etc...
[[name]] (race) <br/> etc...
[[faction]] <br/> etc...
[[faction]] <br/> etc...
Some unique faction information

"..." just means normal text

  • All entries are to be Capitalized. No exceptions.
  • Do not delete unused entries; just leave them blank.
  • Do not removes spaces; it keeps it easy to read.
  • Permitted image file types: png, gif, jpg, jpeg

Faction page body Edit

The body of the page starts immediately below the Faction infobox in edit mode and will be laid out as follows:

A lead paragraph that describes the make up of the faction or pack. Include the faction's name in bold.

== History ==
A concise history of the faction or pack.

== Goals and Expectations ==
A write-up of the goals and expectations of the faction or pack.

References shall be placed where appropriate.

Faction page reference list Edit

The last two lines of the page will be:
(a blank line)
== References ==

This will create the list of footnotes added to the body.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.