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Irena is the alpha of Vardinogiannis pack, and president of the Werewolf Council. Her pack controls part of the Upper Peninsula and has had control for over 150 years.[1]

Though Maggie believed that at least Irena would all over Malaya's claim for Crescent Lake and the breakdown of the Ross Pack[2], she keeps finding ways to reject Malaya's paperwork.[3]


As president of the Werewolf Council, Irena takes a very no-nonsense approach, making her very appropriate for her role. She is a stickler for the rules and maintaining order, so she's on the side of whoever aligns with that goal.[4] As such, it is a little difficult to tell whether or not she is on Malaya's side or not, but she seems to be on the side of "whoever is going to cause the least amount of headaches."[5]


  • She brings potato salad to the yearly potluck. It is allegedly bad and no one eats it.[6]
  • Irena's Wolf form is designed to resemble her hairstyle.[5]