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Isaac is another named character of Yardley Pack (along with Thomas himself and Lucas), and who first appears as a shadowy figure with the rest of his pack during the intimidation of the Crescent Lake werewolves. He thinks that it's kind of nice here at Crescent Lake.


A tall, broad-shouldered man, with an impressive beard and long curly hair.


Isaac is an all-round big fellow, with broad shoulders and a fit body. Due to his apparent modesty, unlike Thomas's brother, just how cut he is is difficult to determine. His age is also difficult to determine because of the prolific beard and profuse mass of hair he sports. He might be older, based on his more laid-back approach to the unfolding events. Or not. He's tall, standing well over six feet.

Werewolf Form[]

His werewolf form maybe more impressive than the man. He seems to top seven feet tall and has reddish-brown fur. His basic shape is bulkier than the others.


Isaac is less aggressive than Thomas or his brother. He seems to be happy wherever he lands, expressing the opinion that it's kind of nice here at Crescent Lake. He offers no opinion either way about his preference for a territory.


Other than knowing he's from Ohio, little is known about him. Going by his appearance, he could be a blood relative of either the older woman or the younger woman, or even both. He's happy just to stand and look out over the lake.