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Julian Yardley is a member of the Yardley Pack, and first appears as a shadowy figure with the rest of his pack during the intimidation of the Crescent Lake werewolves. Of the other pack members, Julian seems to be the most enthusiastic about reclaiming Crescent Lake. However like the rest of the pack, Julian isn't as on board with Thomas's refusal against "humanish things."


Thomas's brother is a large bald man, with thick eyebrows and blue eyes. He seems to like Thomas and fighting.


Thomas's brother is a bulked-up muscular man with a hairy chest. He has a broad nose centered between piercing blue eyes, bushy brows perched on his face and a bald scalp. He is a tall man, apparently over six feet tall.

Werewolf Form[]

As a werewolf, Thomas's brother is an unremarkable dark brown werewolf, standing not much taller than his human form.


Thomas's brother is enthusiastically backing his brother's play to take over the Crescent Lake territory, as he views Thomas and the pack as very powerful, thus is willing to put up with his brother's shenanigans. Despite this, he feels torn between the wellbeing of his girlfriend Abigail and Tom's demanding personality.


Julian is dating Abigail. The Yardleys and the Carmichaels have been long intertwined, thus their relationship.[1]

He and the rest of this pack came over from Ohio, helping Thomas in his effort to claim Crescent Lake.

Thomas is the oldest sibling, with Isaac and then Julian following after. It is also mentioned in a comment that there might be another sibling between Thomas and Isaac, given Tom's age.[2]

Julian and Abigail seem to be partners.[3]

Powers and Abilities[]

As a werewolf, Isaac has the usual capabilities of werewolves, with their enhanced senses, strength, accelerated healing, and resistance to injury.

Fighting Style[]

The Yardley Pack's fighting style is to act as one unit together, making it difficult to tell them apart from each other. As Tom trains each of his members himself, they all use similar fighting styles and are scrappy and ruthless when need be. [1]