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Lucas is a witch working for Thomas. He has a tendency to make fun of people while standing upside down. When Yardley Pack moved to Crescent Lake, Thomas gave his magical energy to Lucas to send a threat to the Ross Pack and poison Elias and Sara with wolfsbane.

It is revealed his name is actually Liam.



Unlike most of the pack, Lucas's hair is blond and pretty much straight, and his eyes are pale blue. His height is difficult to judge, but he appears to be about the same height as Elias. He wears tattered clothing and old boots.


Lucas is a bit of a prankster with a puckish sense of humor that others around him don't find humorous, especially Thomas, his alpha.


Lucas is half Nigerian (dad) and half Swedish (mom). He comes from a long line of witches and grew up in Ohio.[1]

He is a relative of Amandi, and disappeared from the family a few years ago to be with his girlfriend, Ella, in Ohio. The two met at a werewolf council event in highschool. His family has not heard from him since.[2]

During the demise of Connie, Thomas gathered members of his pack, Lucas included for his usefulness as a witch, to leave Ohio and reclaim the territory of his birth-place, Crescent Lake. Lucas first appears when he ambushes Elias, Vincent, and Ginger during their search for Kirtland's warblers' nests, and leaves the Yardley pack to deal with them. He also later ambushes Sara Ross with wolfsbane, knocking her out before she could help take down Connie during the full moon.

Thomas has Lucas secretly tag Charlene, Marin, and Marisa on their retreat at the Witch Camp in the U.P. He gets discovered when he knocks out Marin with wolfsbane, and a fight breaks out between him, Charlene, and Amandi. Due to establishing a strong connection with the forest in the tree ritual, Charlene and Marisa are able to ask the forest to cut Lucas off from his magic. Though he manages to escape, he slowly makes it back to Crescent Lake, having to hitchhike his way. Lucas is able to return to the pack before the meeting of the Werewolf Council, but was kicked out of the pack by Thomas due to the loss of his magic. Tired of the way her father was treating her boyfriend, Ella took her belongings, grabbed Lucas, and ran away from the pack, causing the Yardleys to be absent from the meeting, while also angering Tom.[3]

Since then, the two have been running from Tom, with Lucas using Ella's magic to maintain a sound proofing spell. The two end up encountering Elias and Vincent just as Ella is at her limit supplying magic for Lucas. Since then, the two have been running from Tom, with Lucas using Ella's magic to maintain a sound proofing spell. The two encounter Elias and Vincent just as Ella reached her limit supplying magic for Lucas. Tom eventually catches up to them, but Lucas manages to swipe some magic from Tom while he's distracted fighting Elias and Vincent. Ella wakes up from the magic transferred over by Lucas and rejects Tom as her Alpha, and makes her escape with Lucas as he swipes a bit more magic from Elias.

Powers and Abilities[]

Lucas's talents are mainly utilized for espionage and recon for the Yardley pack by using soundproofing spells and using his ability to manipulate air to grant him flexible movement. When forced to fight, he will attack with gusts of air and resort to whatever cheap tricks to his advantage, even at the cost of those helping him.

Due to his actions in Michigan, he has been largely cut off from magic in Michigan, thus rendering him incapable of performing magic without swiping it from werewolves.

Manipulate Air[]

Lucas's main specialty is manipulating air, allowing him to fly and unleash blasts of wind. He mainly uses his magic to float around to his leisure. He can also use air to carry particles, such as broken down wolfsbane.

Other Spells[]

Lucas is also able to set up sound proofing spells and is capable of draining magic from werewolves.


  • In an earlier design, Lucas had wavier hair as opposed to straight.