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Maggie is Elias's older sister, and Sara's eldest daughter. She lives with her husband and two children, and is currently on her way to form her own pack, splitting up from the Ross Pack.


Maggie and Ezras Families

Maggie and Ezra's Families

By the time of her introduction in the comic, Maggie had finally gathered approval of all the surrounding pack members around her to restructure the pack with her as the alpha. She and Ezra aren't super interested in becoming alphas of smaller packs, given that they have their families and jobs to focus on, but recognize that they don't have a lot of options, thus causing a slow process with low motivation.[1]

Maggie has been instrumental in introducing Michigan's werewolf politics and the Ross Pack's situation to Malaya, as well as coming up with the plan to restructure part of the Ross Pack into the Walters Pack. Maggie and Sara have been training Malaya on how to be an alpha.[2]

In the notes section of page 137, its mentioned that Maggie lives somewhere on the Upper Peninsula.[3]


  • Maggie's birthday is in April. She received a birthday card from her father postmarked a month late with no birthday money unfortunately.[4]