Magic in How to Be a Werewolf revolves around werewolves and witches. Both species usually get along well, and it's common for witches to be part of werewolf packs, in a cooperative relationship.


Magic and lore werewolf

Ginger tranforming into wolf form in the full moon

Werewolves take energy from the moon. They can use this energy to power their abilities. Some of the abilities of a werewolf include:

  • Transform parts of their body into wolf parts
  • Full wolf transformation
  • Enthralling other werewolves
  • Superhuman jumping skills
  • Accelerated recovery from injuries

Untrained werewolves transform into werewolf form every full moon and lose their consciousness during wolf form. But they can learn to control the werewolf transformation and transform at will and be conscious of their actions in wolf form.

Biting Edit

The werewolf condition is passed to other individuals through the bite. The bite infects the human, and with enough magic can turn the human into a werewolf, which then starts producing their own magic. If not enough magic is provided, the bitten human can die from the infection.

Born werewolves Edit


Marisa explains witch and werewolf breeding

Werewolves are naturally born from werewolf mothers, with human, witch or werewolf fathers. Werewolf fetuses require a tremendous amount of magic energy to gestate, which makes it impossible for humans to gestate werewolves. The exception is if the mother is a witch, since witches can absorb magic to give to the fetus.

When a witch gets pregnant with a werewolf, they usually seek a pack of werewolves to be a part of, because the development of the baby takes too much energy. The werewolves provide the energy (which they take from the moon) to the pregnant witch.

Enthralling Edit

Enthralling Page378

Malaya enthralls Ginger

Enthralling is the ability some werewolves have to manipulate other werewolves or humans. It can be used to calm or, in the advanced form, immobilize the human or werewolf being enthralled. While the enthrallment is happening, the eyes of both the werewolf enthralling and the one being enthralled starts shining, and it needs visual contact between the parties to maintain its effect.

Only an Alpha can enthrall members of its pack, and a werewolf can only enthrall a human after the human has been bitten, or committed to join the werewolf's pack.

Ziva Ross is notable for being very talented at enthralling.


Magic and lore magic

Spell being cast to locate the creepy house

Witches take energy from other beings (usually nature). They can use this energy to cast spells and enchantments, but they must also give back to the source. If witches take too much energy and don't give enough back, nature can cut them off and refuse to give anymore energy. Because of limited environmental magic, witches can get territorial.

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