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Merchandise for How to be a Werewolf can be found at the hivemill store. There is also a Society6 store featuring some personal art & designs, along with some How to be a Werewolf merch.

Art Prints[]

Print Description
Charlene the Queen.png Charlene the Queen, available at Hivemill.
Malaya in the Forest.png Malaya in the Forest, available at Society6.
Issue One Print.jpg Print cover of Issue One, available at Hivemill.
Malaya's Werewolf Headspace.jpg Malaya's Werewolf Headspace, available as an Art Print, Apparel, and Tote Bags at Hivemill. Also available in Black.
Not Available as a Print
Phases of the Moon Design.png Phases of the Moon Design, available for Apparel and Tote Bags at Hivemill. Also available in Black.

Prints are without the chapter title texts

All available at Hivemill.
Chap6 cover.jpg Chap7 cover.jpg Chap8 cover.jpg
Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8
Chap9 cover.jpg Chap10 cover.jpg Chap11 cover.jpg
Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11


Mug Designs
Designs Description
Red Moon Cafe Mug.png Red Moon Cafe Mug available at Hivemill.
Malaya Werewolf Mug.png Malaya Werewolf Mug available at Hivemill.
Everyone is Tiny Mug.png Everyone is Tiny! Mug available at Hivemill. Featuring Malaya, Elias, Charlene, Vincent, Marin, and Marisa.

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