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Minor Characters[]

Crescent Lake Victims[]

Kiley Seeger and Eric Fazekas[]

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Eric Headshot.png

Kiley Seeger and Eric Fazekas were the two victims of Connie's failed werewolf transformations. Kiley was bitten while jogging near the creepy house, while Eric was bitten while hunting in the woods near the creepy house. They were listed with sepsis upon arriving at the hospital and were said to have been killed by rabid coyotes according to the newspapers. Kiley was 24 at the time of her death and Eric was 32. Connie Greensmith most likely called for help anonymously after the transformations didn't take place. The two act as MacGuffins to get Elias into the story.

Though talked about earlier in the story, Kiley is first shown in Chapter 8 Page 336 and Eric appears on Page 337.

Witch Camp[]


Brenda Headshot.png

Brenda seems to be a good friend of Marisa. She seems to be in charge of informing camp attendees their camping spots.

She first appears in Chapter 11 Page 572

Eileen and Terry[]

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Eileen is president of the Detroit Coven and is accompanied along with her vice chair Terry and her two children Bill and Leona. Eileen and Terry are both sports fans and most likely work for car factories. Terry offers Charlene an employee discount for a half-ton pick up with a tow package. They are familiar with Marisa. The two are meant to represent aggressively friendly midwesterners.

A disclaimer was mentioned that the two are not lesbians. They just dress that way.

The two first show up in Chapter 11 Page 585


Tracy Headshot.png

Tracy is a witch who grows cherries for the Traverse City Cherry Festival and offers some to Charlene upon meeting her. Her cherries are infused with magic, so witches who consume them can get high. Marisa calls her a genius.

Her presence was to shoehorn another Michigan reference, the National Cherry Festival and have one more person hold up Charlene.

She first appears in Chapter 11 Page 588

Tree Ritual Leader[]

Tree Ritual Leader Headshot.png

She guided the witches during the tree ritual.

She first appears in Chapter 11 Page 604


Professor Coletti[]

One of Vincent's professors at CLU. Vincent helped him collect data on the Kirtland's Warbler for a research project.

He is mentioned in Chapter 9 Page 386


Leslie is a student working at Red Moon Coffee Shop. She took lots of shifts off at work in order to pass her chemistry midterms. Leslie is the reason Malaya, Charlene, and Elias are able to be out of work during the events of the comic.

She's mentioned in Chapter 9 Page 398