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Natalie Strong leads the Strong pack along with her partner Julian Strong. She is a cunning strategist and works hard to maintain power for her small pack, hence her support for the Yardley Pack. She runs a real estate agency with her husband.[1]


Strong Pack New Picture

Natalie and Julian Strong

The Strong Pack is located between Detroit and Toledo, Ohio. Natalie took over as alpha from her grandparents five years ago.[2]

Though their motives for helping the Yardley Pack are unknown, the Strong Pack is a smaller pack surrounded by bigger packs and by losing Crescent Lake to the Walters Pack they would lose a neutral territory that borders their land.[3] Though not referenced in the comic yet, its stated in the comments that Natalie "wants a pack that she's allied with who can't overpower her own," given that they are a smaller pack trying to navigate the power struggle.[4]

Natalie seems to be communicating to the pack through Ella Yardley, as she is the only one in the pack with a phone and laptop.


  • Natalie's hair is naturally blonde, having been dyed pink. Her true hair color is visible in her werewolf form.[5]
    • According to Shawn, if the comic ever had a TV adaption, she would have Natalie's hair be "auburn. Something that would look dyed but not super unnatural."