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Notable Pets of How to be a Werewolf[]

Pets can be a myriad of things, from a comfort in times of stress to a companion as we go through life. Sometimes they add a counter beat to what is happening. These are some of the more notable pets we meet in How to be a Werewolf.


Alphonsus voicing an opinion.

Alphonsus is Charlene's familiar, friend and confidant. He assists her in some mysterious fashion with casting her magic. He helps her by keeping an eye on persons of interest, like in Chapter 2 when he's watching Vincent and Malaya as they head home from the university[1].

We first meet Alphonsus, though he's not identified yet, near the end of Chapter 2 when an anonymous crow suddenly voices its opinion about the day[1]. He makes another appearance in Chapter 4 when he assists Charlene as she rescues Malaya from the crew, starting on page 81[2] when his voice is used to intimidate the crew, until he flies away at the end of the chapter[3].


Pumpkin running free.

Pumpkin is Sara's dog. She's a carefree pup of an unknown breed who is very attentive to her mistress' moods and needs, offering affection when required, or even when it's not. She's a medium-sized dog with a fluffy russet long-haired coat with a long broom tail that setters and collies are famous for.

Pumpkin first puts in an appearance when Sara is on the phone with Ross, trying to explain werewolf politics relative to Vincent's kidnapping[4]. The next time she shows up is during a flashback scene concerning werewolf politics … again. Pumpkin offers loving affection as Sara develops a migraine from dealing with obstreperous werewolves[5].