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This template is used to create an infobox that describes the details of a faction, family, tribe, clan or pack. This infobox is mandatory on every faction page.
To use this template, add the {{Ross Pack}} template using the layout below and fill in the appropriate fields. Fields left blank will not appear in articles. This infobox template uses Fandom's infobox syntax.
 | name         = 
 | image        = 
 | imagecaption = 
 | status       = 
 | formation    = 
 | leader       = 
 | members      = 
 | applicants   = 
 | allies       = 
 | enemies      = 
 | other        = 
name         = character's complete name
image        = image of faction
imagecaption = describe the image
status       = Stable / Forming up / Fracturing / Claiming new territory
formation    = Split off / Formed around / Immigrated from
leader       = Leader's name (role)(typically alpha)
members      = [[name]] (race) <br/> repeat as needed
applicants   = [[name]] (race) <br/> repeat as needed
allies       = [[faction]] <br/> repeat as needed
enemies      = [[faction]] <br/> repeat as needed
other        = Some unique faction information
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The Ross pack is fairly large, consisting of about fifty families scattered through different towns in Michigan. Their territory is "mostly around Lansing"[1].

Their leader is Sara Ross, and her son Elias was trained from a young age as a diplomat and future leader until he was expelled from the pack for disobeying Council-mandated orders. Now, Sara's daughter Maggie is being trained as the next leader.

Because of their numbers, the Ross pack suffers from political problems in the Werewolf Council and internal management problems. Lately they've been trying to get approval from the Council to split into smaller packs, headed by Sara, Maggie and Ezra. The latest strategy to get the Council to approve of this involves Marin and Marisa defecting to the Walters Pack to make it seem like the Ross Pack is fracturing.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. according to Maggie in this page
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