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Sara Ross is the alpha of Ross Pack and mother to four children, including Elias. The pack is fairly large, consisting of about fifty families. Sara runs a landscaping company and often feels overwhelmed by her position as pack leader, but understands her duty to maintain order above all else.

Sara is a fairly strong and capable werewolf, but above all else, she’s a capable leader, very organized, and very straightforward. She’s struggling with her pack’s recent thinning ranks as her children have grown and gone off to start their own families/packs, leaving her to rely more heavily on Elias for day-to-day pack minutiae.

She is level-headed most the time, but she has a fiery temper if she's balked. She's protective of her family, but she lets them find their own trouble without her interference, usually. She is also a member of the Werewolf Council.



Sara is a handsome woman in her sixties whose wavy brown hair shows little sign of going gray, a byproduct of being a werewolf. She appears to be a bit shorter than her son Eli, and she has a curvaceous build.

Werewolf Form[]

Sara's werewolf fur is the same color as her human hair and just as full and wavy. She appears to be about average height for a werewolf, roughly seven feet tall.


Unlike her son, Sara is down-to-earth, with a realistic grasp on the ways of the world, although, she might be a touch hidebound. She lets politics guide her decisions, but if she deems it important enough, she will act independently. When she is balked or someone flouts her authority, her temper flares up.


Sara Ross is Eli's mother, and she leads the Ross Pack.


  • Ross is Sara's maiden name as she has never been married. Though she has had kids with her partner Andrew, their kids inherited the Ross name instead of Sullivan, as Sara's family is more powerful than Andrew's.[1]
  • Sara's phone number is 734-555-8751.[2]
  • Sara was originally never meant to be married, as mentioned in her character bio, but it was later changed in the story to make her and Andrew married.[3]
  • Sara is based off of Ellen Harvelle from Supernatural but with curly hair.[4]