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Thomas Yardley is the leader of his own newly minted pack, claiming the territory around Crescent Lake as his birthright.



Thomas is a tall, muscular man who appears to be in his late fifties. His hair has changed from the dark brown of his youth, and he is now totally gray. Due to him allowing witches to use him as a battery for his own advantage, he has aged much more quickly.

Werewolf Form[]

Due to the pack witch Lucas's indiscriminate withdrawal of his lifeforce, Thomas was too weak to participate in the attack on the Walters Pack.


Thomas is an angry man, with a bad temper and prone to flying into a rage. He goes through life with a grim, single-minded determination to have his own way, no matter who gets in the way.

Though always been hot-headed, Tom used to be a much more focused leader and held a more stable pack in Ohio. However, ever since Connie's wards started disappearing, he started obsessing over Crescent Lake.[1]


Thomas was originally part of a pack in Crescent Lake, but after ending his relationship with Flora, he left Michigan and settled in Ohio, joining with a pack there.

Thomas is the oldest sibling, with Isaac and then Julian following after. It is also mentioned in a comment that there might be another sibling between Thomas and Isaac, given Tom's age.[2]

Flora's Betrayal[]

Twenty-five years ago, Thomas was in a very toxic relationship with a talented young witch named Flora Conradine. One day she disappeared.

Months later, he saw her again. It was then he found out she had deliberately become pregnant with his child, later named Aubrey by her mother. He also found out that she had been siphoning off his life's energy the entire time they had been together. That encounter turned violent, and Thomas left Flora to die alone in the woods rather than risk letting her steal any more of his energy.

Return to Crescent Lake[]

Twenty-five years after leaving Crescent Lake, Thomas returns to claim his "birthright". Thomas blames the loss of this "birthright" on Flora's machinations.

Thomas and a few of his packmates, including his brother and daughter, sever ties with their pack in Ohio and travel to Crescent Lake to stake a claim for the territory for their new pack, relying on Thomas's pursuit of a "prior" claim.

Thomas aggressively pursues this claim, sending his witch, Lucas, along with the rest of the pack to enforce the claim with violence, intimidation, and brutal magics. Due to Lucas's sapping too much of his energy for the anticipated battle, Thomas is unable to participate in the initial push to gain control of Crescent Lake.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a werewolf, Thomas has the usual capabilities of werewolves, with their enhanced senses, strength, accelerated healing, and resistance to injury. As an alpha, he is able to enthrall wolves under his pack and somewhat to an extent wolves related to him such as Aubrey. He was also able to fully turn into a wolf as well.

Fighting Style[]

The Yardley Pack's fighting style is to act as one unit together, making it difficult to tell them apart from each other. As Tom trains each of his members himself, they all use similar fighting styles and are scrappy and ruthless when need be. He also likes having a witch in his pack whose power he can supplement to give his pack an advantage.[3]

Thomas is extremely powerful and relentless. He is powerful enough to tear and throw large trees even when half transformed. As with his temperament, he is prone to land parting shots during standstill moments.[4] The wound Thomas left Flora with carried trace amounts of his magic, causing it to reopen out of spite.

He was also described to be a focused leader in the past despite his hot headedness. Part of this carried through to their intrusion of Crescent Lake, as shown through his covert attacks throughout Chapter 10 and even his willingness to let Lucas use him as a battery to execute espionage.


  • Malaya and Tom are written to be foils of each other: "Tom dwells in the past and focuses on his emotional response to things, whereas Malaya tends to live in the present and focuses on the good of her pack."[5]