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Tim is formerly one of the wolves from the creepy house, and later joins the Walters Pack.



Tim is an often-disheveled, lanky man with messy, medium-length hair. Throughout the comic, he is often seen half-transformed with claws out and lots of hair grown from his arms and legs. After being able to fully turn human, his goatee remains.[1]

Werewolf Form[]

Tim's werewolf form is tall, lanky and usually hunched over. His fur is mostly long and scraggly, and he has a long, wild-looking face with long thin ears.[2]


Tim is the last werewolf to have been successfully bitten into the pack, but he didn’t come out quite right. Tim exists as pure id, acts wholly on instinct, and isn’t interested in following orders. If he can understand orders? Tim doesn’t talk, but he growls and makes noises when he feels like it. He’s usually glued to Harvey, and seems to only listen to her if he listens to anyone. Tim enjoys biting … anything[3].

Ever since being free from Connie, Tim's transformation has been able to progress properly and is slowly forming words and acting more human.[4]



Like most of his pack, Tim was bitten at a young age through Connie/Ziva and abducted to live at the creepy house. He was one of the last to be bitten as evident by his incomplete transformation.


Due to his incomplete transformation, not much could be understood from Tim and mostly only participated during group fights. After Connie began to start fully taking magic from her wolves, Tim was the next to go unconscious after Ginger. During the final night of Connie, Tim was slightly revitalized by the full moon, but was mostly still too weak to participate in taking her down.[5].

Finally being freed from Connie, Tim has slowly begun to be able to talk, as well as being finally able to fully transform between werewolf and human. He currently resides camping with Harvey and Marcus in the woods. Tim along with the rest of his fellow wolves decided to eventually stand with Malaya as her pack and protect their right to stay in Crescent Lake.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a werewolf, Tim has the usual capabilities of werewolves, with their enhanced senses, strength, accelerated healing, and resistance to injury. Of the five wolves, he is the most in tune with transformation and fully mastered it after his first time.

Fighting Style[]

Tim was the most adept fighter of the Connie's wolves, due to him being more in tune with his wolf side. As such, he has a more wild and scrappy fighting style, with lots of biting and jumping.


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