How to be a Werewolf Wiki

A timeline of the How to be a Werewolf universe featuring major events and dates.

Events Prior to How to be a Werewolf[]

Possible Birth Years[]

  • 1951/1952: Sara is born.
  • 1966: Javier is born.
  • 1968: Nora is born.
  • 1982/1983:
    • Marisa is born.
    • Eric Fazekas is born.
  • 1983/1984: Marin is born.
  • 1987/1988: Charlene is born.
  • 1990: Malaya is born.
  • 1990/1991:
    • Aubrey is born.
    • Kiley Seeger is born.
  • 1992/1993:
    • Marcus is born.
    • Harvey is born.
  • 1993:
    • October 1st-23rd: Elias is born.[1]
  • 1994/1995: Vincent is born.
  • 1995/1996
    • Ginger is born.
    • Tim is born.

Important Past Events[]

  • 1995
    • Malaya is turned into a werewolf by Flora/Ziva around August.[2]
  • 1996-1997
    • Harvey is turned into a werewolf and abducted by Flora/Ziva around 3pm in June.
  • 1998
    • Vincent receives his scratch.
  • 2009
    • Marin is turned into a werewolf by Sara.
    • Marin graduates law school.
    • Marin and Marisa's first kiss.
  • 2010
    • Malaya becomes co-owner of the cafe.
  • 2012

Chronology undetermined[]

(This section needs exploring.)

  • Maria and Elliot meet.
  • Flora Conradine and Thomas Yardley are in a relationship.
  • Ziva Ross retires into the woods
  • Flora and Thomas fight, Ziva finds Flora (happens at least before 1991)
  • Tom and his pack move to Ohio.
  • Elias's dad leaves.
  • Marin goes to college. (sometime before 2009)
  • Marin is admitted to the hospital.
  • Vincent enrolls into Crescent Lake University (2012 or 2013)
  • Amandi arrives to Michigan
  • Lucas leaves his family to join the Yardley Pack.
  • Kiley and Eric are murdered, prompting Elias's arrival to Crescent Lake.
  • Charlene moves to Crescent Lake. (a few months before the beginning of the story)

Events of How to be a Werewolf[]

Winter 2015[]


  • Beginning of Chapter 1, Elias arrives in town and discovers Malaya is a werewolf.
  • Aubrey confronts Malaya and Malaya fully turns into a werewolf (Tuesday, February 10th).[3]
  • Elias and Vincent meet at the library (February 16th).[4]
  • Aubrey and the rest of the gang try to get Malaya to join their pack.

Spring 2015[]


  • Marisa, Elias, and Malaya discover the Creepy House (March 7th).[5]
  • Vincent gets kidnapped.
  • Malaya discovers Vincent is kidnapped (March 8th). [6]


  • Mall montage (Saturday).[7]
  • Elias is kicked out of the Ross Pack.
  • Aubrey and co. try to escape, Marisa breaks the spell off of Ginger. Less than two weeks away from the full moon (May 3rd).[8]
  • Ginger wakes up on the full moon, ~12 days after.
  • Maggie's Birth Month.[9]


  • Vincent and Joy finish their midterms.
  • Vincent, Elias, and Ginger search for signs of the Kirtland's Warbler.
  • The creepy house is starting to get covered in vines.
  • Meet Lucas and the Yardley pack.
  • Ginger gets full control of her werewolf transformations.

May 1st: 2 Days before the Full Moon[]

  • Marisa and Elias help Maggie clean the wolfsbane off of Sara.
  • Malaya and Ginger deliver food to Aubrey and gang.
  • Malaya and gang are brainstorming and reading books to find a way to free Aubrey and gang.

May 2nd: 1 Day before the Full Moon[]

  • Elias and Vincent drive to get power tools from Sara's warehouse.
  • Maggie reveals the "plan," and Malaya begins her petition for her claim on the Crescent Lake territory.

May 3rd: Day of the Full Moon[]

  • Six hours before the Full Moon: Elias, Vincent, and Charlene deliver the power tools. Marcus is down, only Harvey and Aubrey are up.
  • Sara wakes up, Ginger fully turns,
  • The full moon, Connie goes plant, the rest of her wolves are freed, and Connie gets swallowed by the earth.

Summer 2015[]


  • Malaya is busy with the council.
  • Elias gets into Crescent Lake University with a scholarship.
  • Charlene, Marisa, and Marin go to Witch Camp.
  • Malaya takes Elias, Ginger, and Aubrey knitting at the lake.
  • Malaya and the Yardley Pack face off.


  • Chapter 12 starts in mid July.
  • Night of the Council Meeting is on July 19th, a Sunday.[10]