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This is a project to collect a list of trivial facts that have no great bearing on the story but are useful in and of themselves.

Underlying Facts for How to be a Werewolf
Chap/Pg Page Name (based on url) Fact (or Trivia)
1/1 How to be a Werewolf Malaya is in the 1st panel of the 1st page of the 1st chapter
1/1 How to be a Werewolf That rude old guy is the second person we meet
2/32 Marin doesn't get that reference We meet Marin and Marisa for the first time
2/31 Caw caw, motherhugger! First appearance of Charlene's crow familiar
3/50 When you're just trying to watch tv and an unexpected guest beats up your door. First Colored Page
4/79 When your squad rolls up We meet Connie's Wolves
4/82 Hey, look! Someone who knows… Charlene reveals she's a witch
4/87-8 My third eye told me you were a hairy beast once a month. More one-off colored pages
5/100 Math is hard Harvey is finally named
5/100 Math is hard Marcus is finally named
5/102 Something about being torn apart Tim is identified
5/102 Something about being torn apart Ginger is finally named
5/115 Drawing old people is fun First meeting with Ziva Ross as Eli's granny
5/117 Don't be a dick Finding Connie's house
5/124 Scandalous Tagalog is officially canon
5/126 End of Chapter 5 Vincent is kidnapped by Connie's Wolves.
6/133 Early morning cross country… Malaya tracks Vincent to the creepy old house
6/137 Lawless bullies We meet Sara Ross … and her dog
6/138 Families Ross Pack has over fifty wolves, plus partners and kids
6/154 Sensitive ears need good soundproofing Werewolf homes are routinely soundproofed with magic
6/210 An interesting guy Vincent's team's may be the Crescent Lake Ospreys
7/225a Let's have a fashion design contest Relative heights of several characters
10/467 The opposite of "keep calm and carry on" is "now panic and freak out" Email from the Werewolf council