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Trivias to add (or bio stuff ig?)[]

Ross Pack[]

* Ezra and Maggie “My general theory is that both Ezra and Maggie aren't suuuper interested in being alphas of these smaller packs, but also recognize that they don't have a lot of options, so you get that slow-going progress that happens when the motivation isn't really there.” (
*  Given Ziva's age, she has little humanity left in her.  However her last shred of humanity went towards keeping Aubrey somewhat protected. <ref>[ Chapter 10 Vaguely human monster]</ref>
*Pumpkin is based off of previous dog.  “Elias has an older sister who's married with kids, and she lives somewhere on the Upper Peninsula. His brother is somewhere in southern Michigan. Elias's little sister has just started college.” [ st]
* Over Fifty adult werewolf families are in the ross pack [ Families]

Werewolf stuff[]

  • Shawn's theory: "My theory for how werewolves actually interact on the internet is that they've created an elaborate text-based "role playing game" that exclusively operates on an obscure old forum somewhere that normies wouldn't pay any attention to. Other werewolves tell you about it, so when you join the "game", you're already aware of how to flag everyone else to let them know that you're an actual werewolf. I also like the idea that there are a handful of humans who play and are total die hards, but have no idea that it's not actually a game and don't understand how things actually work, but they're having a great time so it's fine." [1]