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Vincent Dysangco Walters is the son of Elliot Walters and Maria Dysangco Walters and the younger human brother of werewolf Malaya Dysangco Walters. He's a student at Crescent Lake University studying for a B.S degree in Biology. In his spare time, Vince plays baseball on the university's team, the Ospreys[1].



Vincent takes after his father, being a tall young man of close to six feet. As for the rest of him, he takes after his mother with his medium complexion, dark brown eyes and straight black hair. He has a trim athletic body without the bulk of a weight lifter. He is clean-shaven and keeps his hair short and styled, and he dresses somewhat less casually then his contemporaries, preferring Dockers and polo shirts to jeans and t-shirts. He wears shoes rather than sneakers when feasible.


He is a man of few words, generally keeping his own counsel. He has a very stern demeanor for the most part, but in actuality this is a cover for being horribly awkward and shy. He’s got a very dry sense of humor and attempts to slip werewolf-related puns into casual conversation for his own amusement.

Despite the fact that Malaya is way stronger than him, Vincent has always been extra protective of her, possibly fearing what will happen to her if she does manage to hurt someone. He largely doesn’t remember much about her scratching him, but he’s quick to remind Malaya that he doesn’t care, and he forgives her whenever she tries to bring it up.



Vincent was born a short time after Malaya was bitten and turned by Ziva Ross while out camping with her parents[2]. His parents were watchful when Vincent was very young, but became less watchful when he grew to be a toddler. One day, Vincent carelessly threw a toy at Malaya, hitting her and causing her to become angry. She grew claws and took a swipe at Vincent, scratching his side. Vincent was naturally upset, the pain of his injury causing him to cry out[3]. His parents rushed in to tend to him, and Malaya ran off to her room. Even though the wound healed into scars that he still bears, he quickly forgave her and they became friends. An unexpected but not unwelcome side effect of her scratching him was that he became immune to being turned by a werewolf's bite[4].


Vincent spends most of his time at Crescent Lake University pursuing a double major in Biology with a focus on Botany and Agriculture[5], and Chemistry, deciding to follow in his mother’s footsteps.[6] He is also minoring in Psychology [7]. He has a small group of college friends, but overall is only really close to his family and especially his sister. Vincent also occasionally helps out at the cafe and busses tables.

Once Malaya befriends Elias, Vincent becomes wary of his intentions, often telling Malaya to stay away from him. However, after Malaya's transformation incident, he becomes slightly more trusting of Elias. The two later encounter each other at the university's library and Elias reveals he nabbed Vincent's number off of Malaya's phone.[8]


In an effort to coerce Malaya into doing what Connie wants her to do, Connie's Wolves kidnap Vincent from the university parking lot, and they hold him in the basement of the creepy house in the woods, not two miles from where he lives. After initially failing to free Vincent, Elias gets him out of the basement, and with Malaya's timely help, gets him away from Connie's Wolves and back to his home. Marisa Salcedo uses her abilities as a witch to heal an injury Tim had inflicted on him. This is when Vincent learns the value of the scratches from his childhood[4].

Following the kidnapping incident, Elias initially begins keeping watch on Vincent in secret, to keep him from danger and on Maria's request.[9] Though upon discovery, Vincent lets Elias know he doesn't have to hide and lets him sit in on some of his classes.

Bonding with Elias[]

During the mall trip, Vincent mostly sticks to Malaya, however he buys a 'Howl you doin?' wolf shirt for Elias as a gift.[10] Due to a schedule conflict, Vincent had Joy help him with baseball practice, until she relieved the duty onto Elias once he shows up.[11] The two further bond and Vincent encourages Elias to enroll in the university and join the baseball team.

Once Elias begins working more at Red Moon Coffee & Cafe, Joy notices that Elias hasn't been around Vincent as much anymore and suggests he invite Elias to help with his research project on the Kirtland's Warbler as a "date."[12] Not realizing Vincent's intentions or feelings towards Connie's Wolves, Elias invites Ginger along as well, starting them off on an awkward note. However, Vincent eventually warms up to Ginger, teaching her about the project.[13] Suddenly, the three are ambushed by Lucas and the Yardley Pack, with Elias knocked out by wolfsbane. Vincent fireman's carries the unconscious Elias, as Ginger, fully transformed, attempts to carry the two and run away[14], though are aided with the appearance of Malaya and Charlene. The Yardley Pack are driven away by Charlene's illusions, giving the group a chance to find a stream and wash the wolfsbane on Elias away. Returning to Malaya's home, Elias gets rinsed off in the shower and dropped off into Vincent's bed, much to his embarrasment.[15]

With the full moon of May nearing, Vincent tags along with Elias to his mother's landscaping warehouse to pick up any tools that Aubrey and the wolves could use to fend off Connie's vines. On the trip, Vincent suggests that the two go camping alone sometime together.[16] When the power tools are delivered to the wolves at the creepy house, Aubrey makes an apology to Vincent for kidnapping him and he forgives them.[17] During the night of the full moon, Vincent hangs with Charlene on standby in her car by the house. However, the vines break into her car and Vincent frees Charlene with his knife.[18]

After May's Full Moon[]

After the events of the full moon, Vincent resumes his life, hanging out with Elias and Ginger, attending school, or filling in at the cafe. Vincent also briefly meets Elias's father with his sudden appearance at the cafe. Vincent makes his presence during the werewolf video call meeting for Malaya to stake her claim on Crescent Lake.

Vincent and Elias eventually meet up for some baseball practice in the fields. The two eventually encounter Lucas and Ella who have been trying to run away from Tom. Wary at first, they eventually decide to help the two leave Michigan, giving them bus money.[19] An enraged Tom catches up to them and a fight breaks out. Tom manages to claw Elias's throat, causing an alarmed Vincent to rush in and choke Tom from behind with his silver necklace.[20]. Though the two manage to escape, Vincent is mad at Elias's reckless behavior, worried he could have died after witnessing the injury. However, the two start sharing their feelings for each other and Vincent initiates their first kiss.[21]

Powers and Abilities[]

As a human, Vincent lacks the physical strength and magical abilities to keep up with the witches and werewolves, though he makes up for this with his resourcefulness and quick thinking. He is well versed in techniques such as the fireman's carry, and is often well prepared, carrying his pocket knife with him or keeping extra gloves and snacks in his bag.[22] His knowledge of plant biology also makes him aware of potential risks of poisonous plants, such as aconite/wolsbane, and how to appropriately handle them. He is also adept with using technology, knowing how to retrieve files from Elias's broken phone.

Vincent mostly opts to stay out of fights, however, when seeing Elias in danger, Vince is willing to throw himself to support him. He attempts to make up for his lack of strength with weapons such as his baseball bat or his silver necklace he used to burn Tom.[20]


  • Vincent drinks his coffee without putting a lid on it or a coffee cup sleeve. [23]
  • Vincent’s car is a Ford Focus [24]
  • Vincent has gotten to an insanely high level in Candy Crush. His only friends on Facebook are other power players, who are otherwise strangers to him, but they trade lives so they can all keep playing.[6]
  • Vincent has a lot of plants in his room. One of them is a monstera which is seen in the corner of his room. [25]. He also owns a spider plant on his bed stand.[26]
  • Vincent and his mom have visited the Philippines to meet with her family a few times, though Elliot stayed behind with Malaya.[27]
  • Malaya gravitates toward their dad due to their connection with the coffee shop, while Vincent gravitates toward their mom due to their interests in biology. [28]
  • Vincent is an Eagle Scout. [29]
  • A running joke in the comic is that no one actually understands biology enough to know what Vincent is specifically interested in about biology. In the blog post, it states that his main focus is ecology, and he also enjoys crossbreeding and growing vegetables. [30] He has grown a very big cabbage. [31]
  • While his parents are early pajama people, Vincent is a "fashion at all times" person.[32]
  • Vincent’s current label is "maybe?" but an official label would be pansexual and demisexual. [33]
  • Vincent vaguely knows what a carburetor does. [34]
  • Elicent is Elias and Vincent's ship name. [35]
  • In an interview, Shawn mentions that Vincent, along with Elias, are the most fun characters to write. [36]
  • In an early height chart, Vincent's last name, Dysangco, was originally spelled Dychingo.[37]
  • Shawn has created a spotify playlist for How to be a Werewolf. Elias and Vincent share their own section in playlist.