Vincent spends most of his time at the local university pursuing a double major in Biology and Chemistry, deciding to follow in his mother’s footsteps. He has a small group of college friends, but overall is only really close to his family and especially his sister.

Despite the fact that Malaya is way stronger than him, Vincent has always been extra protective of her, possibly fearing what will happen to her if she does manage to hurt someone. He largely doesn’t remember much about her scratching him as a child, though he’s quick to remind Malaya that he doesn’t care and he forgives her whenever she tries to bring it up.

Vincent has a very stern demeanor for the most part, but in actuality this is a cover for being horribly awkward all the time. He’s got a very dry sense of humor, and attempts to slip werewolf-related puns into casual conversation for his own amusement. Malaya hates this and tends to smack him when she notices.

Vincent’s only real hobby is that he’s gotten to an insanely high level in Candy Crush. His only friends on Facebook are other power players, who are otherwise strangers to him, but they trade lives so they can all keep playing.

Romantic interests Edit

Vincent doesn't usually show or know how to express his emotions, but after meeting Elias Ross at the creepy house basement, they started flirting with each other.

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Elias says i like you
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