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The Walters Pack was created in response to Tom Yardley's claim to the Crescent Lake territory.

Since Malaya is from Crescent Lake, and Elias had been kicked out of the Ross Pack, they decided she should make a new pack with him as a member. They still need to talk to the Werewolf Council to get their pack approved by the Council.

Pack Members
Malaya Headshot Vincent Headshot Maria Headshot Elliot Headshot
Malaya Walters Vincent Walters Maria Walters Elliot Walters
Elias Headshot Ginger Headshot
Elias Ross Ginger
Pending Members
Marin Headshot Marisa Headshot Aubrey Headshot Harvey Headshot
Marin Grundy Marisa Salcedo Aubrey Greensmith Harvey
Marcus Headshot Tim Headshot
Marcus Tim