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Alphas and packs in Michigan

The Werewolf Council of Michigan is an organization meant to keep the packs from going to war with each other. Whenever a pack wants to do anything that might involve werewolves from other packs, or move outside their territory, the pack alpha has to get approval from the Council first. Council seats can be held by individuals, like Sara Ross of the Ross pack, a couple, like Natalie and Julian Strong of the Strong pack, or three people like the Gardner Sisters of the Gardner Pack

The council holds a yearly potluck.[1]

There are fourteen major packs and twenty alphas.[2]


Ross Pack Headshot

Ross Pack

Led by Sara Ross. They are located mostly around Lansing. Her children Ezra and Maggie are currently petitioning to create satellite packs around Lansing.
Vardinogiannis Pack Headshot

Vardinogiannis Pack

Led by Irena Vardinogiannis. She controls part of the U.P and is the current president of the Council.[3] Her pack has had continuous control of the peninsula for over 150 years. Though Maggie believed that at least Irena would all over Malaya's claim for Crescent Lake and the breakdown of the Ross Pack[4], she keeps finding ways to reject Malaya's paperwork.[5] She brings her potato salad that no one eats to the yearly potluck. [1]
Massey Pack Headshot

Massey Pack

Led by Phil Massey and his wife Charlotte Massey. They are located in Mackinaw City and have controlled the area since 1905. They are the vice presidents of the council.

George Rimbach and Phil are suspicious of Malaya.

Rimbach Clan New Photo

Rimbach Pack

Led by George and his wife, Lynn Rimbach. George inherited the Rimbach Pack from his mother three years ago. They are located in Traverse City and have controlled the area for over 175 years. George and Phil Massey are suspicious of Malaya.
Strong Pack New Picture

Strong Pack

Led by Natalie Strong and Julian Strong. They are located between Detroit and Toledo, Ohio. Natalie took over as alpha from her grandparents five years ago. The Strong Pack is representing the Yardley Pack in the petition to claim Crescent Lake, and they seem to have ulterior motives. Natalie seems to be communicating to the pack through Ella Yardley. They are considered a small pack and are surrounded by larger packs (Ross, Haynes, Vargas, and possibly Zbornak). Losing Crescent Lake means they are losing one more neutral territory bordering their land.[2]
Vargas Pack Headshot

Vargas Pack

Led by Araceli and her brother Marcelo. The Vargas Pack holds control of the East Detroit, while the Haynes Pack covers West Detroit. The oldest part of the tribe dates back to the 1700s, but the pack merged with the Vargas pack in 1965.[6] Araceli is the only one so far to be nice towards Malaya, as she wants to break down the Ross Pack.[5]

Araceli seems to be the treasurer of the council, as Irena asks her for the treasury report and an overview of the previous month's fundraiser for a wolf sanctuary.

Haynes Pack Headshot

Haynes Pack

Led by Mavis Haynes. Araceli and Mavis hold a lot of power in the Detroit area, with Mavis specifically in the West side.[6]

Mavis is very business-minded and likes to keep on track.

Copeland-Fenstermaker Headshot

Copeland-Fenstermaker Pack

Led by Spencer Copeland and his husband Andy Fenstermaker. Their packs have combined to control the area east of Saginaw and north of Detroit.[6]

In the notes, Shawn likes to think that they met at one of the potlucks and hit it off. Their marriage cemented the combining of their packs and probably took a lot of paperwork to make everyone ok with it. They could possibly be newlyweds and are "wholesome as hell."

Zbornak Pack Headshot

Zbornak Pack

Lead by Troy Zbornak. The Zbornak pack controls the Kalamazoo area, while his parents and brother are a satellite pack out of Benton Harbor. [6]

Troy is the official leader of the Zbornak's because his parents wanted to hand over leadership to him while they were still young, and they moved to be closer to his brother to help with grandchildren.[7]

Devereaux Pack New Picture

Devereaux Pack

Lead by Cora Devereaux. The Devereaux pack controls Grand Rapids and surrounding areas, and is by far the oldest pack in the Council, at 400 years since establishment. Their ancestors were originally French and Potawatomi.[3]
Lindström Pack New Photo

Lindström Pack

Lead by Pete Lindström. The Lindström pack controls the area southeast of Cheboygan, and is about the same size as the Walters pack would be if they were a part of the Council. There are ten members in the pack.[3]
Young Pack Headshot

Young Pack

Lead by Leslie Young and her husband Robert Meadows. The Young Pack controls the middle of the state, around Clare, Michigan. They have controlled the territory for 75 years.

In the notes section of the page, they are referred to as the Meadows Pack by Shawn.[3]

Gardner Pack New Picture

Gardner Pack

Lead by Three Alphas: Cherry, Beth and Alexa Gardner after their father became a full wolf last year.[3] They control Alpena and surrounding areas.
Van Der Vliert Pack Photo
Van Der Vliert Pack
Lead by Marlin Van Der Vliert.[3] They control Muskegon and surrounding areas.

During the Chapter 12 meeting, Marlin has a potential candidate who wants to be bitten. No objections were filed.


An email was sent to out in Chapter 10, stating a claim for Crescent Lake. The email is sent out by an Alpha named Mary, however none of the Alphas present in the meeting are named Mary, unless Marcelo or Marlin use it as a nickname.[8]