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Alphas and packs in Michigan

The Werewolf Council of Michigan is an organization meant to keep the packs from going to war with each other. Whenever a pack wants to do anything that might involve werewolves from other packs, or move outside their territory, the pack alpha has to get approval from the Council first. Council seats can be held by individuals, like Sara Ross of the Ross pack, or a couple, like Natalie and Julian Strong of the Strong pack.

The council holds a yearly potluck.[1]

There are fourteen major packs and twenty alphas.[2]


Sara Headshot.png

Ross Pack

Led by Sara Ross. They are located mostly around Lansing.
Julian Strong Headshot.png

Strong Pack

Led by Natalie Strong and Julian Strong. They are located between Detroit and Toledo, Ohio. The Strong Pack is representing the Yardley Pack in the petition to claim Crescent Lake, and they seem to have ulterior motives. Natalie seems to be communicating to the pack through Ella Yardley. They are considered a small pack and are surrounded by larger packs (Ross, Haynes, Vargas, and possibly Zbornak). Losing Crescent Lake means they are losing one more neutral territory bordering their land.[2]
Irena Headshot.png

Vardinogiannis Pack

Led by Irena Vardinogiannis. She controls part of the U.P. Though Maggie believed that at least Irena would all over Malaya's claim for Crescent Lake and the breakdown of the Ross Pack[3], she keeps finding ways to reject Malaya's paperwork.[4] She brings her potato salad that no one eats to the yearly potluck. [1]
Phil Massey Headshot.png

Massey Pack

Led by Phil Massey and his wife. They are located in Mackinaw City. George and Phil are suspicious of Malaya.
George Headshot.png

George's Pack

Led by George and his wife. They are located in Traverse City. George and Phil are suspicious of Malaya.
Vargas Headshot.png

Vargas Pack

Led by Araceli and her brother. Araceli is the only one so far to be nice towards Malaya, as she wants to break down the Ross Pack.[4]
Haynes Headshot.png

Haynes Pack

Led by Mavis Haynes. Araceli and Mavis hold a lot of power in the Detroit area.
Zbornak Headshot.png

Zbornak Pack

Devereaux Headshot.png

Devereaux Pack

Lindstrom Headshot.png

Lindström Pack

Unknown Pack Headshot.png
Long Name Pack Headshot.png