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We know very little about this pack and it's members other than that some are definitely Thomas's family and others may not be, such as Lucas. They are currently pursuing a claim to Crescent Lake as their territory, with Tom claiming it was always his territory by birthright. This creates a problem for Malaya and her friends and family, forcing her to get official recognition for the Walters Pack from the Werewolf Council.

Ambush in the woods

The fight in the woods

The pack was first seen when they ambushed Elias, Vincent and Ginger in the woods. After the witch Lucas took out Elias with powdered wolfsbane, the pack surrounded and attacked Vincent and Ginger. Ginger was quick to howl for help, and Malaya and Charlene came to the rescue.

The Yardley Pack shares the distinctive feature of long curly furs, only that may be merely coincident. They also share the habit of fighting shirtless, men and women alike, wearing only sportswear shorts. It is never said whose idea this is.

The pack seems to be divided over whether claiming the Crescent Lake territory is a good idea or not. The Abigail and Casey Carmichael, as well as Thomas's daughter Ella, have all expressed, to one degree or another, the belief that leaving Ohio may not have been a good idea. Lucas and Isaac seem ambivalent about it, with Lucas being willing to go wherever, yo. Thomas's brother will chew nails and spit tacks if that's what Thomas wants. As the alpha of the pack, Thomas's opinion is the only one that matters.

Pack Members
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Thomas Yardley Isaac Yardley Julian Yardley Abigail Carmichael Casey Carmichael
Former Members
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Ella Yardley Lucas