Elias never got a chance to meet his grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, as by the time he was born, she had fully given into her werewolf side and left the family to live life in full wolf form. Ziva is Sara’s mother and was married to a human man named Micah who died when Sara was a teenager. Ziva formed the Ross Pack originally, having helped organize one of the first stable werewolf packs in central Michigan post-WWII, and also helped founded the local werewolf council. Ziva is a very no-nonsense person, but ultimately has quite a bit of compassion as well.

After leaving the Ross Pack to live as a wolf, she found Connie, pregnant with Aubrey and dying of blood loss. Ziva let Connie take her energy to heal herself, and went to live with her and look after her and the baby. Eventually, Connie and Ziva's lifeforces fused, and Connie learned to control Ziva, and used her to bite and abduct children.

Last seen abandoning Connie and disappearing into the woods.

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